Is it just us, or does it feel like we’re all living in the age of the side hustle?

Well, let’s just make it official. According to Zapier, one out of every three Americans is crushing some kind of side hustle, and another 24% of Americans are planning to start one by 2022.

As a personal trainer, we know you already have some hustle to your day-to-day. But with your schedule chock-full of fitness classes, one-on-one trainings, nutritional advice, and mentorships, what do you do when you need to make more money in the fitness industry? 

In the age of the side hustle, my friend, you take that fiery passion and turn it into some cold, hard cash. 

To help you do just that, we reached out to a few experts in the field — who know how to truly make money in fitness — to get their advice on additional revenue streams for personal trainers. Here’s what we learned…

7 Additional Revenue Streams for Personal Trainers

Sell Online Programs or Courses

Nikki Naab-Lavy is a certified functional strength coach who’s been in the industry for over 15 years, and she’s found a way to make income completely online that you can try, too: creating and selling online courses.

She suggests coming up with online courses to help clients “solve specific fitness challenges.” Create a program with a specific group of clients in mind, then turn that program into a downloadable document clients can purchase, such as a PDF. 

Megan Ayala of the fitness and health site Patricia and Carolyn points out that many clients don’t have the time or resources to go to the gym, so they’re looking for other ways to get advice from fitness experts. One way to help clients and bring in more money for your business, Megan says, is to sell pre-made workout programs.

Remember, the more specific the program is, the better. Here are a couple ideas Megan offered: “Create a 12-week fitness program that is coupled with a nutrition guide.” Or “design a program for new moms to stay fit and get back in shape after having a baby.”

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money at any time, from anywhere — even while you’re sleeping. It’s a popular strategy to generate online revenue by promoting a product you enjoy. You then earn a piece of the profit for each sale you make. 

Nikki uses affiliate marketing through social media for products and equipment she believes in, in addition to selling online programs and courses. And Simon Byrne, a fitness instructor and nutrition coach, recommends affiliate marketing for personal trainers as well.

Simon shared the details on how much you can typically earn using affiliate marketing techniques. “Commission rates can vary in the industry,” he says, “but partnering with a supplement company… could offer 4–12% commission rates.” This means, “if you recommend a supplement stack to your client base and they make a $100 purchase, you could then receive $4 – $12 in return.”

While Simon admits these aren’t enormous sums, if you incorporate affiliate marketing into your social media efforts and online courses by pitching products to your clients, your commissions will begin to add up over time.

Pro tip: Looking for an online scheduler that also helps you sell products? With Schedulicity’s built-in payment processing, you can easily sell products all from the same account you use to manage your classes.

Add a Blog to Your Website

If you’re blessed with solid writing chops and you have a unique voice, adding a blog to your website can be a fun way to bring in extra income and gain new clients. According to Simon, adding a blog to your website serves two purposes: “It allows you to be found by new clients via organic Google search and it can be monetized once you start to get traffic (readers).”

Once up and running, your blog can bring in extra money through your personal services, paid membership forums, advertisement space, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing.

Like Nikki suggested for selling online courses, you want to be specific with the content you produce on your blog. Simon notes that “by answering specific questions in your blog, not only can people with this exact problem find you but they will also see you as an authority and someone who could potentially help them in the future.”

Write for Other Blogs and Websites

If you don’t want to start your own blog, Simon suggests you write for someone else and “share your expertise and knowledge with a wider audience while getting paid to do so.”

With so many fitness websites, journals, and magazines out there these days, personal trainers who can write are in high demand, earning between $25–60 an hour on average. Plus, as a fitness writer, you’re essentially a freelance writer, meaning you can work from anywhere and on your own time. 

Freelance writing sites like Upwork and Fiverr are perfect for personal trainers looking to make some extra cash writing.

Host Workshops

There are at least three great reasons to offer workshops in addition to your regular classes and one-on-one appointments: workshops allow you to connect with potential clients, help more people, or share knowledge with other personal trainers — all while earning more money.

Again, you want to think of a unique workshop that you could offer, then think about how you would break down your expertise for people in an easy and understandable way. Here are a few creative and specific ideas to help spark some inspiration:

  • “How to Eat for Fat Loss”
  • “Strength Training for Amateur Athletes”
  • “How to Get a Workout In When You’re Stuck in a Hotel Room”

Host Fitness Seminars

Our friend and fitness coach Jay Nixon knows a thing or two about hosting fitness and nutrition seminars. On top of his e-guides and podcasts, he makes extra money speaking at events and giving lectures for various companies.  

So if you have the gift of gab and love inspiring folks, hosting a seminar is a smart way to bring in more money. You can host a seminar at a location you choose, or you can find trade shows and conferences in your area to help gain publicity.

Besides any money you bring in on the day of the event, you can also record your lectures and use them to market to future clients, raise awareness of your brand, or even sell online.

Start an Online Studio

With an online studio, you’re basically creating an online video hub for your clients and potential clients. Your videos could be follow-along training plans, specialized courses, or even nutritional advice. 

Whichever route you choose for your videos, you can increase the number of people you reach, without adding any additional time in the gym for you. 

Unsure how to start selling videos online? Uscreen has some handy tools to help, as well as a pro guide on how to sell videos online.