Slowly, slowly, we’re going to get back to making plans and booking appointments. Some of us are even in the early stages of reopening our businesses right now.

But for many of us, the process is going to take a while longer. Trust us: You’ll get there. But for now, waiting to reopen means that you’ve had to shift your focus away from relying on appointments or classes to bring in revenue. Instead, you’re selling gift cards, asking people to prepay for services, promoting packages, even selling products for delivery or pickup.

We saw how much you needed an easier way to sell products to your clients, which is why we’ve launched our latest Schedulicity feature, Quick Checkout. Our goal was to make it easier for you to conduct contactless transactions with clients — and to keep income flowing in while you’re waiting to open your doors.

Why You’ll Like Love Quick Checkout

Quick Checkout lets someone just purchase a product or package without tying that transaction to an existing appointment. It means you can move more inventory faster, and you can do it all hands-free. Clients can buy products through your business listing, then you can either offer pickups or drop-offs — sort of like how your favorite local restaurant is handling the quarantine.

Quick Checkout is a boon for business after you reopen as well. You’ll be able to sell and track your inventory more rapidly. Clients who always forget they’re “almost out” of shampoo until they are, in fact, out out can buy online and pick up what they need even if they’re in between their normally scheduled services. And you can use Quick Checkout in tandem with our email marketing to encourage clients to purchase packages rather than one-time services — an ideal way to replenish your business’ savings after these slower months.

How Quick Checkout Works

Using Quick Checkout is simple: You’ll just need to set up payment processing (if you haven’t already) and add your inventory to your account.  If you’re using Schedulicity Pay, you’ll also get the same industry-low rates as always. You can then charge for products or packages in two ways: by linking the charges to an existing client in your account (recommended if you expect to handle returns regularly) or by checking them out as a guest (faster).

See? Lightning-fast.

Set it up today, then use one of our email templates (here or here) to let clients know that they can make purchases online. Not a bad way to get some extra revenue flowing.