You may have noticed a few changes to our class and workshop features after last night… That’s right, we launched 4 new features to help our class and workshop businesses streamline their business even more!

We currently offer free class scheduling through a normal Schedulicity account, but it has been a limited offering. We’ve spent time building certain features like payment processing, multi-location management, and Automated Marketing. But class and workshop businesses, we’ve been listening – and we’ve delivered!

In looking at feature requests for class improvements from our businesses (like you!), we came up with a “must have” list of features and got to work: notification alerts, waivers, waitlist for classes, and group booking for classes.

Let’s take a quick look at your newly available features:


Watch the tutorial here.

Alerts allow businesses to view pertinent information about their client from your class or workshop roster. Providers are made aware of auto billing issues, unsigned waivers, or whatever custom information about the client when it is most useful. This allows you to provide better service to your customers.

How it works: On a class or workshop roster, a red exclamation point icon will display next the client’s name. Upon clicking the red icon, you will be able to see the auto billing issue, an unsigned waiver alert, or the custom text you’ve written. At this point you can manage the issues or edit the custom alert. All alerts can be found and managed within a client’s profile.


We’re all familiar with waivers, whether its from participating in team sports, going on a whitewater rafting trip, or attending a yoga class. In order to cut out the paper and pen waiver, the awkward time it takes for you to make sure everyone has signed one before beginning your class or workshop, and the awful management of who’s signed and who hasn’t, we’ve given you built-in waivers and waiver management. This new feature will allows you to manage your waivers through your Schedulicity account, greatly reducing the amount of time you spend requesting people to sign their waiver and ensuring folks are up-to-date with their waiver.

How it works: Waivers are managed in your class policies and workshop policies sections. Add your waiver text, and choose whether you want to require clients to acknowledge the waiver at the time of booking or not. You can view and manage a client’s “acceptance/acknowledgement” of your waiver in their client profile. If you update your waiver, clients will automatically be prompted to accept the new waiver the next time they book.

Watch the tutorial here.


Waitlists are an incredibly helpful tool that allows class-based businesses ensure that their most popular classes are always filled even when they have some late cancellations (keep that revenue high!). Providing a waitlist also gives the clients an opportunity to be moved into the active class roster should a spot open up for them. No more needing to check for availability everyday to try and gain a spot! It also frees up your time from fielding client phone calls asking about availability in a full class. Talk about a win!

How it works: To start using waitlists and make it available for clients is by setting the number of spaces available on your waitlist from your class policies page. Once you’ve picked the waitlist capacity, clients who are looking to book a class that’s full will be given the option to join the waitlist. If a spot opens up, providers are notified and can move those on the waitlist into the class list. Even if the waitlist isn’t available on the client booking side, you can still add clients to the waitlist inside the class roster. All waitlists can be managed within a class roster.

Watch the tutorial here.

Group Booking

Watch the tutorial here.

Group, or guest booking allows a client to book for themselves and others in a class. For businesses, you no longer have to field calls from clients trying to book a group, you can be better prepared for groups by seeing them in your session roster and it promotes clients to bring others with because of the easy add process. Your clients will love not having to go through the painful process of booking one spot and then having to book another spot with a different account. And more people in your class means more success, more $$!

How it works: To set up group booking abilities, just head to your class policies page and choose how many additional guests can be added at the time of enrollment. When a client books with a business who has group booking turned on, they will be able to select a class for themselves and others within available classes. You can see who has booked in a group inside your class roster.

We’re so stoked to be giving our class and workshop-based businesses more features to succeed and streamline their normal operations. All of these new features are included in your Schedulicity account, no add-ons or fees needed! Simply pick the features you want to start using and go set them up on your account. Let us know below which is your new favorite!

Happy booking!