Does it feel like every potential client is on Instagram? Well, that’s because they kind of are…

With over 2 billion active Instagram users every month, you need to start thinking about how to grow your Instagram account, so you’re not missing out on all the opportunity.

You may already have an Instagram account for personal use, but using one for your business is an entirely different marketing strategy.

Using Instagram for business is not just about posting what you personally think is good to share, it’s about attracting clients to engage.

In this blog, we’ll start with the basics, then share five proven ways to help you attract and book more clients on Instagram.

The Basics

Make Booking Easier

First, let’s start off by making your appointment scheduling process easier on Instagram.

Add the “Book” Button directly to your Instagram profile.

When potential clients are browsing your portfolio, they can immediately book an appointment with you without leaving the Instagram app.

Make it easy for your clients. Get them while they’re ready to book.

If you don’t have this feature, clients can migrate away from your page, and they won’t have it at the top of their mind to book with you.  

Only some scheduling software will allow you to do this, so be sure yours offers the Instagram booking feature.

Here are instructions on how to add the Schedulicity Book button to your Instagram.

Pro Tip: On top of the Instagram Book button, Schedulicity offers tools for email marketing, payment processing, client management, and an easy-to-use calendar for your appointments.

Build Your Instagram Brand

Now that’s out of the way, work on building your Instagram brand.

Did you know 90% of all Instagram users follow a business on Instagram?

So, what makes a great brand on Instagram?

A successful brand can be represented visually on Instagram. This can range from mission statements, personality, values, and more.

When you scroll through the Instagram feed, you can immediately tell what the brand is all about.

Every brand is different, of course.

Find the niche that best fits you, where you can highlight your business in a million different ways. Flexibility is key to keeping your brand fresh and timeless.

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5 Ways to Grow Your Business Instagram Account

Let’s get to business. We’ll break down the components that get clients to book with you. 👇

1. Show off your work consistently.

This depends on your industry, but aim for a post at least once a day to keep clients interested.

What’s the reason behind daily posts? 

In 2018, 60% of Instagram users use the platform daily, including 55% of young adults who visited several times a day.

Make sure all your posts carry a theme, whether it’s lighting, color, or style. You want the client to know that the post is yours without checking your username or bio over time.

Here are a few great examples of successful Instagram accounts that are consistent:

Presley Poe is a popular Portland-based hair stylist who excels in vivid hair colors. You can immediately tell what her specialty is through her feed.

Her photo quality is always clear and bright to show off the complexity of her color work. Also, notice how her background never upstages her work either.

Also, Phoenix-based Jena Irby is an up-and-coming aesthetician. Her feed is a mix of quotes, client photos, and personal photos.

Though, notice how consistent the color theme is. Her quotes are mainly black and white, while her client or personal photos follow a beauty color aesthetic to focus on skin.

2. Use an Instagram #hashtags strategy.

“Hashtag” is a real pop-culture term, but they have value in giving more visibility to your posts.

It depends on your local area, but hashtags with a decent amount of keyword volume (at least in the thousands) are worth adding.

When you search Tags in the Discover tag, type in the desired keyword. Are others using the same hashtags?

If so, sprinkle them on your posts often to make sure you can get some exposure – without having a million followers.

Check out other Instagram accounts you follow. Find out what the popular industry hashtags are and include those as well.

The faster your photos can get engagement, the more people will see it in their news feed.

Pro Tip: Add hashtags in your first comment to avoid clouding your actual caption. You want people to focus more on what you have to say, rather than your marketing tricks to get more engagement.

3. Tag your location.

Since most of your clients are local, make sure you’re included in all searches related to your location.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Tap “Add Location” on the top of your Instagram post.
  2. Search for your location. Be sure to turn on your location settings for your app for results to populate.
  3. Select your current or business area and post!

The audience browsing through the local feed is more likely to check your business out in person!

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Social Media Marketing 101

Deep-dive into trends, tools, and hashtags that will take your brand – and small business – to the next level.

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Online booking has been available for more than a decade, but you’d be shocked as to how many businesses and clients still don’t use it!

Most people are more inclined to go directly to Instagram and text you for appointment availability.

Let’s work on changing this by advertising your online booking everywhere.

Try all the different types of posts that Instagram offers:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Posts
  • Reels

You’re bound to hit your client at least with one of them.

5. Show Off Your Personality In Captions

The caption is also important for many businesses. Sometimes, pictures can speak for themselves.


When your industry relies on expert knowledge and service, you can really take advantage of sharing it in your captions.

Check out how to write better Instagram captions to land clients and make more money.

Instagram is a great visual platform where you communicate anything to your clients. It is also a great platform to engage and book appointments with your clients as well.

Show off your personality, have some fun, and build a connection with potential clients.

Now you’ll be booking clients on Instagram in no time!

For more Instagram marketing tips, here is Schedulicity’s Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing on Instagram