We know your salon’s doing big things! And with big things comes big news.

The question is: How do you gather up the local media coverage and publicity your salon deserves?

Whether you’re planning a community fundraiser at your salon, launching a new line of product, or moving to a new space across town, salon press releases are a great tool to get the word out.

But crafting a simple and to-the-point press release isn’t easy. You have to know what to include — and where and when to send it — for your story to gain the most traction. 

To help, we built this how-to guide to answer all your salon press release questions. We even included a couple salon press release examples below for you to use as templates!

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What Is a Press Release and When You Should Write One

A press release — AKA “media release” or “press statement” — is an official statement you share with media outlets, such as local newspapers or news stations, on behalf of your salon.

They’re for journalists or any other members of the press to deliver media coverage of your announcement. (Hence the name “press” release.)

The goal? Press releases are meant to get the attention of media outlets, so they’re excited about your story and want to share it. (Pretty cool, right?)

Occasions for a Salon Press Release

Getting the word out about big news means different things for different businesses.

Unlike an advertisement or promotional plug for your business, a press release can be about anything from a new hair product to a new location.

While there are a variety of reasons to start gathering publicity for your salon, here are a handful of reasons why you might send out a press release:

  • Product launches (new shampoos/conditioners/skincare products)
  • New offerings
  • Grand openings
  • Events (open houses, fundraisers)
  • New locations
  • New hires
  • Awards

What’s Needed for a Salon Press Release

Answer the Five W’s

As with any news story, journalists want to know the classic questions: who? what? where? when? how? And most importantly… why? 

This way, the journalists and reporters know how to promote your story (i.e. your fundraiser, new location, or new products hitting the shelves).

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Stick to the Essentials

When drafting up your press release, stay on track by focusing on only the essential details of the story.

Keep things brief and to the point and let your readers know why your story is important. Simply share the details that you think will pique the interest of the journalists reading.

Include Your Contact Info

Don’t forget to let your readers know how to contact you, or anyone they may want to talk to, just in case they have additional questions. 

Craft a Catchy Headline

Think of your press release headline as your hook. You want a catchy headline to get the attention of your audience and potential clients. Since it’s the first thing folks will read, you need to make your story feel important and newsworthy.

Be concise, use action words, and avoid any “salesy” language.


  • Local Salon Owner Holding Fundraiser for New Homeless Shelter
  • Sarah’s Nails and Scissors Set to Open Second Location in Livingston
  • Sue’s Salon to Host Grand Opening Party for the Public

Pro tip: Write the headline last. By taking the time to write out your full announcement first, you’ll have a better idea of the story you want to come across. And in turn, you’ll be better equipped to write out a catchy headline.

How and Where to Send Out Your Salon Press Release

After you’ve written your press release, it’s time to focus on sending it out. While publishing it on your own website/blog or social media avenues is always a great idea, we’ve also laid out our ideas for sharing with both traditional and nontraditional media outlets.

Start With Local News Outlets

Start with local, traditional news outlets like: newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television channels, and their respective websites.

By reaching out to local and industry-specific publications, you’ll have a better chance at coverage.

Here’s the play: Gather contact information for these outlets in your area, then send them an email notifying them of the press release you’d like to share and why you think they would be a good fit for your story.

Note: Be sure to reach out to specific journalists if you can. Instead of trying to reach out to every journalist in your area, focus on a few journalists who have experience covering stories like yours or stories related to your industry. 

Connect with Nontraditional News Outlets

These may include Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, Nextdoor (the app for neighborhoods), blogs, or business networking groups.

While they may not be traditional news outlets, a lot of people get their local news from local groups and blogs about the area

Share on Social Media

Once you’ve sent out your press release and it’s been published by news outlets, share the link to your story via social media like Instagram and Facebook. This can help build up your credibility with your social followers!

If you happen to have your own blog, republish your release on your own salon website. This way site visitors can easily share a link to your story on their own social networks.

When to Send Out Your Salon Press Release

What day of the week is best?

According to research performed by the PR software Prowly, journalists and editors are more likely to open emails and inquiries on Thursdays.

So, in short, Thursdays are your best bet for getting a reader for your press release.

While Thursdays may seem like an odd day of the week, Prowly believes Thursday’s the best day because by that point in the week, journalists have checked off a majority of the week’s to-dos, and they have time to focus on new emails.

(Who knew, right?!)

By contrast, Wednesdays and Fridays are the worst chances of getting your email opened. 

What time of day is best?

Off the bat, don’t bother sending your email in the early morning. Even on Thursdays, the chances of your email being opened drop dramatically between 6:00am and 10:00AM

33% of press release emails are opened between 10:00AM and 2:00PM, but it’s not as easy as shooting your press release out during that window. 

Instead, try to choose a slightly different time than most companies would send a press release email.

Shoot for 10:23AM, for example, instead of sending out right on the hour mark or half-hour mark. 

Templates for Salon Press Release

Grand Opening Press Release Example:


[Salon/Business Name]



[Sub-header: write one sentence about the new products.]

[Place, date]. [Salon Name] will be opening its doors for the first time on [date]. The public is invited to celebrate the occasion and to experience the [standout qualities of the business] firsthand. The event will start at [time] at [location].

The grand opening includes [special offers] and there will be [detailed list of attractions].

“[Quote from the owner of the business about the business],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote continued].”

[Business name] is a [describe business, mission statement, etc.]

“[Quote from you/salon owner about the community in which the new business is located],” said [quoted source]. “[Finish off the quote with a word on how exciting it is to be opening].”

About [Salon Name]

[Two to three sentences on what you do and what makes your salon stand out. Include mission statement and goals for your business].



[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]


New Product Launch Press Release Example:


[Salon/Business Name]



[Sub-header: write one sentence about the new products.]

[Place, date]. [Salon Name] launched its [new product] today. [Use a few sentences discussing what the product offers that is new and exciting, how it is different from competitor products, when it will be made available, where it can be bought, and why customers will appreciate it.

“[Quote from you/salon owner about the product(s)],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote continued].”

[Use a sentence to talk about pricing].

[Sub-header 1: name product]

[A few sentences describing the product].

[Sub-header 2: name product]

[A few sentences describing the product].

About [Salon Name]

[Two to three sentences on what you do and what makes your salon stand out. Include mission statement and goals for your business].



[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]