Whether you’re a salon owner or a fitness trainer, you’re likely looking to get more clients.

And if you’re considering using an appointment scheduling app like Schedulicity, you’ve probably heard about how online scheduling software can do serious heavy lifting when it comes to marketing, and getting more people to book your services.

We created our Schedulicity Search Portal to save clients time while simultaneously getting your business in front of as many eyes as possible. Think of Schedulicity’s Search Portal as an extension of your small business—beyond the usual booking features that most appointment scheduling apps offer, Schedulicity’s search feature helps attract new clients, fills your book, and saves you time to focus on what you do best.

Here’s exactly how Schedulicity’s Search Portal works to get you more clients.

1. Clients can search by location.

Schedulicity’s Search Portal helps prospective clients connect with businesses like yours through Marketplace search filters.

When clients enter their location and a keyword or business name, our Search Portal automatically shows customers nearby service providers, studios, and more. Prospective clients will see a preview of your listing and the option to book—without having to spend time researching what’s in their neighborhood.

The ability to get local is key to getting the right eyes on your business—the people who are most likely to book. And the convenience of knowing you’re located in their neighborhood makes the booking process simple, which is exactly what you need in order to get as many people making appointments as possible.

Clients can view results in a list or on a map—and when locations permissions are enabled, we calculate the distance to your business to the client’s exact location.

2. Clients can filter by date and time.

Let’s say a prospective client wants to get a haircut, and he knows he’s free Sunday afternoon. Instead of calling around to various salons to see who has openings during that window, he can filter available appointments at nearby salons by date and time to see everything that’s available to him.

Schedulicity already knows what appointments you have open, so the app will automatically populate the client’s search results with your listings. It’s a quick and easy way to get your business in front of someone new, and make booking as convenient as possible.

3. Clients can filter by price.

If a client calls you up and you make it through the exhausting back-and-forth of checking your calendars, only to have the client balk at your (totally fair) prices and hang up, you’d probably be deeply frustrated. I don’t blame you. It’s enough to pull your hair out.

That’s why Schedulicity’s search portal lets clients filter by price. Clients can simply select their budget, so they only see services they can afford. For a client seeking a new service in their price range, this saves them all the trouble of doing the research, and gets your business in front of them right away.

4. Businesses can list deals.

When clients search for services in the Schedulicity Search Portal, a list of available providers comes up based on the filters clients select. But off to the side is a little something extra: a list of deals relevant to the client’s search term.

Say a client searched “eyelash extensions Chicago.” Their search results would include a list of discounts on eyelash extensions or similar treatments, which draws more people to those businesses. Who wouldn’t take the discount when it’s right there in front of them?

Think of Schedulicity’s Search Portal as an extension of your business that attracts new clients, fills your book, but also saves you time to focus on what you do best.