In the rush to get ahead at social media marketing, savvy businesses have been quick to expand their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Most have at least some strategy for marketing their brands where consumers spend most of their time — but they’re forgetting a platform with a big opportunity: Pinterest.

That’s right, there are a number of benefits of using Pinterest for business.

Pinterest has more than 250 million active users who use the site for more than 2 billion searches on it every month, and 87% of them say their Pinterest searches have led to purchases. Look at those numbers again: Millions of visitors and billions of searches. With customizable boards and an easy sharing system, Pinterest is worth more than you might give it credit for.

How to Use Pinterest into Market Your Brand Without the Headache

With so many users actively searching for products and services, a good Pinterest marketing strategy is vital to your online presence. The platform is structured so you can organize boards with specific images in any order you see fit, which allows you to easily tailor the board to fit any marketing campaign.

If you’re having a sale, you can arrange those products or services first, adjusting the price and availability in real time. Getting it right can be tricky, but with these few tips, you can get a head start capitalizing on Pinterest.

1. Create clickable pins.

First and foremost, your pins should make potential clients want to click on them. How? By following some of Pinterest’s own creative recommendations

For example, your pins should start with a 2:3 aspect ratio vertical image that includes your logo and some kind of context for the product or service you’re advertising. That could be the title of your recipe over a photo of the nutritious meal or a high-quality image of the most visually striking hairstyle you created ahead of prom season. From there, some flair and color will make your pin stand out from the rest as clients scroll through their feeds.

2. Source your website’s images to build traffic.

You can convey a lot of information in a picture, and on Pinterest, that includes more than just the image. If you sourced it from your website, Pinterest will automatically link the image to the specific page you pulled it from. So if users click on your image, they’ll go straight to your site, where you can ask them to book an appointment, sign up for your newsletter, and follow your other social media pages. That will get you more website visitors and more potential clients.

3. Use locations to cross-promote.

When you add a location to your image, you can associate it with a geographic location to provide users with extra information, including addresses and phone numbers. This is great for promoting your brand — but you can take it a step further by using locations when you partner with local noncompetitive businesses. Combining forces on Pinterest can substantially increase your audience, especially if the other brand’s following is larger than yours. If that other brand adds your location information to a couple of its pins, it will help drive new traffic to your site from your partner’s network.

4. Tweak your website for auto-repinning.

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest makes sharing easier if you incorporate autosave buttons on your website. Customers on your website can pin your content without having to leave it by simply clicking the button. You can add it to all the images on your site or to specific images you want to promote most. You can even customize the button so that it pops up only when users hover over the image and doesn’t obscure the image.

5. Once you start, don’t stop posting pins.

Consistency is the key to success on Pinterest. You should pin something at least once a day, especially on weekends, and preferably during the evening. 

Make it easy on yourself by sitting down each Sunday or even at the beginning of the month to pull together images and links to create pins that you can have at the ready to easily post each day. Sticking to a schedule during the week will be much easier if all you have to do is sign in to Pinterest, load up an image and prewritten text, and post it, all in less than five minutes.

The benefits of using Pinterest for your business are significant, but it remains a largely underrated tool for some marketers. Make the most of its unique ways to promote a product and market your brand by following these tips—and watch your audience grow.