Be honest: How often do you check your phone?

Do you take it with you from room to room (even to the bathroom!), glance at the screen in between random tasks, and lose minutes—or even hours—scrolling through Instagram or Facebook? 

Well, you’re not alone—in fact, those habits are completely normal. According to market research studies, Americans spend an average of four hours a day on their phones. 

As scary as that is, for the savvy salon business owner, it’s also a sign that there’s an opportunity to better communicate with clients. If your clients are already on their phones, why not meet them where they are? Cue the text reminder services that many online scheduling tools offer. 

How to Send Automated Text Appointment Reminders

Online scheduling software can help service providers better connect with their clients through any device they choose, and one especially powerful feature that online scheduling software offers service providers and class instructors? Automated text reminders.

Text reminders are critical when it comes to scheduling, and your scheduling app should send out texts for you—so you can spend more time seeing clients and making money.

If you need convincing that you absolutely must implement automated text reminders into your scheduling routine, here are four ways that sending texts can help both you and your clients—plus a template that tells you exactly what to say.

Why Sending Reminder Texts Benefits Your Bottom Line

1. Text reminders reduce no-shows.

Nothing is worse for your bottom line than a canceled appointment—you’re left with a dead hour that you could have rebooked and a lower take for the day. But sometimes a missed appointment is as simple as a forgetful client letting the day get away from them, and they just needed a reminder.

We’ve run the numbers and one thing is clear: Text reminders drastically reduce canceled appointments. In fact, 66 percent of Schedulicity’s salon businesses cut down on no-shows with text reminders. What are you waiting for?

2. Clients won’t ignore texts.

Did you know that 90 percent of text messages are read within the first three minutes? That probably tracks with your experience—how often have you let a voicemail languish or dismissed an email notification? But it’s not the same with texts, which—if you’re anything like me—you read immediately.

A text communicates a sense of urgency that clients won’t ignore. Plus, texts are more comfortable—there’s no anxiety that comes with a phone call from an unknown number.

3. You’ll cut down on time spent scheduling.

Imagine having to call or email to confirm every appointment on your calendar. You’d end up in long email threads to reschedule appointments, or—even worse—playing phone tag. Running a business like a salon or fitness training simply doesn’t allow you the time to sit by the phone, and time spent hoping clients will call back to confirm could be spent making money. The beauty of automated text reminders is that it’s totally hands off: You get to focus on your paying clients while scheduling software does the work for you.

4. You can keep better track of your clients.

Do you have a client who repeatedly cancels? You probably have a vague system for keeping track—maybe a note in your phone or a Post-It stuck to your calendar. But scheduling software can keep track of who’s repeatedly canceling when they get their appointment reminders, and you can use that data to decide if a client is worth keeping.

Remember, you get to decide who gets to be your client, and one who cancels all the time isn’t worth your wasted time. 

It’s pretty safe to say our phones aren’t going away anytime soon. And while they can sometimes be distracting, phones can be a powerful tool to help manage and grow your business.

Start using a text reminder app to save you both time and money. Automated text reminders make it easy to connect and interact with your clients, while building stronger relationships along the way.