Here’s how to make the most of your Schedulicity profile so you can be booked solid.

If you’re using Schedulicity to list your business and help clients book appointments online, you’re already benefiting from Schedulicity’s marketing efforts to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. But if you want to get the absolute most out of your Schedulicity listing and get more clients, you need to get noticed. 

Standing out in Schedulicity’s business listings and search feature is simple—you just need a few quick tips to set your profile apart. Here’s exactly how to optimize your Schedulicity profile in the Marketplace, so more people can find you and you can fill up your book.

1. Be strategic with your keywords.

When potential clients want to book services, they enter the service they’re looking for in Schedulicity’s search feature. To take full advantage of the search portal, think about what you would search for if you were looking for services, classes, or workshops like yours. Make sure you have entered as many of these keywords as possible into your profile.

When you’re thinking of keywords, don’t be afraid to go specific. If you’re a yoga instructor, it’s a good idea to include general terms like “yoga class,” but dive into specialties as well, like “prenatal yoga.” 

The trick to optimizing your search results is to maintain a human voice in your profile instead of stuffing in keywords so you sound like a robot. Keep your profile content conversational and welcoming, incorporating keywords organically. 

2. Use beautiful visuals.

Your profile is not complete without a logo, which shows you’re a professional business with attention to detail. Next, upload photos of your work—think: killer balayage, a fitness class in progress, or even happy dogs from your dog-walking business. Clients want a chance to vet your work before they book, and pictures are the easiest way to make that happen.

Quality is key when it comes to images on your profile. Avoid low resolution, pixelated pictures, and follow these basic rules for photography.

How to take better pictures for your Schedulicity profile:

  • Rely on natural lighting whenever possible, and take pictures early in the morning or just before dusk. Always avoid the brightest parts of the afternoon when the sun is directly overhead and casts shadows. Outdoor pictures are preferable to make use of that light, but if you’re taking photos inside, make sure the window is behind you.
  • Avoid busy backgrounds. 
  • Don’t over-edit photos. It’s one thing to up the brightness and contrast (just a tiny bit!), but adding in gimmicky color filters takes away from the work.
  • When in doubt, think: light, bright, and simple.

Now that you know how to take excellent photos, you can apply these rules to your other marketing efforts, like your Instagram account. It’s a fantastic idea to connect your Instagram account to your Schedulicity profile, since Instagram is an easy way to show off your brand’s unique personality. 

3. Write a compelling About statement.

If your profile has beautiful images and relevant keywords, you’re more than halfway there. But your About statement is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition, and crafting your description deserves some serious attention.

This section of your profile is the place to show off your personality and set a welcoming tone for potential clients. 

What to include in your Schedulicity business listing’s about statement:

When a potential client is looking for a new salon or stylist, these are the # they would use to search you.

  • Your unique offering. Are you a nail artist who makes house calls? Did you develop your own special fitness routine targeting a specific type of client? Make clear what makes you different from the competition.
  • Your qualifications. Include any special certifications or trainings to establish credibility.
  • Testimonials from clients. One or two quick reviews from clients singing your praises provides what’s called “social proof”—a powerful marketing strategy that encourages potential clients to book.

Easy enough, right? Follow this format, and you’ll have a Schedulicity profile that convinces new customers and clients to book an appointment online, right here, right now.