The alarm goes off and you hit snooze. . . again. And again.

Suddenly you shoot out of bed—you’re super late and your boss won’t be happy. What’s worse, you’ve got a terrible case of bedhead and your skin looks dull and listless.

So how do you get ready for work in no time flat when you barely have time to make a cup of coffee? It’s simple: Prioritize!

If you don’t have tons of time to spend in front of the mirror, this super fast, super easy hair and makeup routine will make you look well rested—and like you woke up on time. I’ve broken it down into twelve easy steps that take less than 10 minutes (and included my absolute favorite products.)

Your 30-Second Hair Routine

Step 1: Make your hair look fresh and clean.

Dirty, flat hair is the most obvious sign that you overslept, but it’s also super easy to fix. Fortunately, simple hair routines exist to save you even when you’re running late. Start by spritzing your hair with dry shampoo, starting at the roots. (I use Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo.) As soon as you apply, start shaking out your hair to evenly distribute the dry shampoo and avoid white spots. Bonus tip: If you go to bed with dirty hair, spray dry shampoo before bed, so it has time to absorb oil overnight.\

Step 2: Tame your flyaways.

Next, I like to take a light hair oil like Healthy Sexy Hair Love Oil and massage it into my hair, starting at the ends. Work your way up to tackle the flyaways at your hairline. If my hair is super dirty, I scoop it up into a top knot—but if the dry shampoo and hair oil did its job, you can leave it down.

The 10-Minute Beauty Routine for Tired Skin: Easy Skincare Tricks for When You’re Rushed

Step 3: Soothe and cleanse.

Skincare routines don’t need to take time. In fact, even a 10-minute skincare routine can change everything—as long as you’re prioritizing the right products. There are tons of skin benefits to the botanical extract witch hazel. Witch hazel is soothing, anti-inflammatory, and has antioxidant properties. It also removes excess oil from skin and works as a treatment for acne.

To use witch hazel, I put the extract onto a cotton pad and dab it all over my face. Keep in mind that witch hazel can be drying, so if your skin tends to dry out, use in moderation.

Step 4: Depuff under your eyes.

Next, I go to my Botanics All Bright Eye Roller to depuff under my eyes. I simply roll it under my lower lash line and watch the puffiness go down.

Step 5: Moisturize with serum.

Then comes my Lumene Glow Boost Essence vitamin C serum to brighten and moisturize. I apply a few drops onto my cheekbones and forehead and then rub it into my skin.

Step 6: Prime your skin for makeup.

The last stop for skincare is MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix Plus Spray. It evens out my skin tone and helps makeup stay in place. Let it dry completely before putting on makeup.

The Fastest Makeup Routine (Maybe Ever)

Step 7: Sponge on your foundation.

I use Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation—any foundation will do but make sure it’s hydrating. Make dots on your cheekbones, down your nose, and across your forehead with the applicator wand and then get ready to blend. I use a damp Real Techniques Beauty Sponge, dabbing to the edges of my face and up to my hairline.

Step 8: Apply your concealer. 

To brighten up my under eye circles, I use Naked by Urban Decay Brightening Concealer. Start by feathering concealer out from under your lower lash line and then blend with your beauty sponge. 

Step 9: Fill in your brows.

Shaping your brows bring definition and dimension to your face—and takes about ten seconds. I use the NYX Micro Brow Pencil, which has a brow comb attached. Start by brushing your brows, combing upward and outward. 

Then switch to the pencil, drawing as lightly as possible. Draw individual feathered lines outward instead of one solid line across your brow. Blend with the comb. 

Step 10: Add some dimension with highlighter.

To make sure you catch the light, use your finger to apply a highlighter like Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter across your cheekbones. Done in a snap.

Step 11: Define your lashes.

I’m a big fan of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Start right at the lash line and move the wand back and forth, adding volume to your lashes. Stick to the top lashes—and add mascara on the bottom lash line can end up making your eyes look shadowed.

Step 12: Set your makeup.

Spray all over your face with a setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter. Setting spray keeps everything in place, saving you from melting makeup in the heat or smudges from cheek kisses. 

You’re all set!