We recently published an article on some of our favorite little-known Schedulicity features, and to be blunt and a little “toot our own horn”, people went gaga over it.

Jokes aside, it makes perfect sense. Everyone loves a secret hack or a valuable shortcut especially when time’s short and money is tight. And then, everyone also loves the In n’ Out secret menu…

That’s why we’re launching a new article series, Hidden Gems, where we’re diving into some of our favorite tools and features that can make a huge difference in your bottom line. For our kickoff, we’re focusing on Hold with a Credit Card, which is quite possibly the best way to cut down on no-shows.

How Hold with a Credit Card Cuts Down on No-Shows

No-shows have always been an obnoxious element of the service business, but they’re an even bigger concern as we all slowly get back to work. The last thing you need right now is someone missing their appointment in the middle of an already packed day when you could have given that time slot to another client who’s been waiting for months to see you.

There are various ways to cut down on no-shows in polite, Emily-Post-etiquette-type ways. But just because you tell someone they must cancel 12 or 24 hours in advance in your policies, and just because you say you’re going to charge them a fee if they don’t show up — what happens if they do it anyway and you don’t have a card on file?

Cue Hold with a Credit Card. When you enable this setting, you can require that clients enter a credit card at the time of booking to reserve their spot. It doesn’t charge the client at the time they book, but it securely saves their information in your account. If they don’t show, you can follow through with your no-show fee policy instantly through our Payment suite — whether that’s with Schedulicity Pay or one of our other payment partners.

Ready to enable it? Here’s a detailed Support article on how to do just that whether you’re using us to book appointments, classes, or workshops. We’ll be back next week with another gem, don’t you worry.