If you work in the service business, you either a) know the ins-and-outs of booking appointments or b) you know how to run a class calendar like nobody’s business. But have you ever thought about workshops? 

You see them all the time. The fitness workshops put on by your favorite local studio. The weekend-long certifications for cut or color specialties. The 5-day yoga retreats at exotic locations. 

For pretty much any industry and business, there’s a huge opportunity in planning and running a workshop or series. If you use Schedulicity for your booking needs, we make planning workshops easy. It also happens to be one of the features businesses tell us they love all the time. But not everyone knows how and why to use them.

This is why, today, we’re breaking down some ideas for hair, beauty, and fitness workshops along with some of our best tips for finding the right format that works for you.

6 Times You Should Offer Fitness Workshops, Hair Retreats, or Special Class Series

Use Workshops to Establish Your Expertise 

Chances are there’s one topic or specialty that’s your bread-and-butter. Maybe you’re passionate about Yin yoga or you’re a stylist who specializes in natural wave perms or you’re a music teacher who loves teaching jazz techniques. Workshops are the ideal way to establish yourself as an expert in your field while earning some extra income.

(Fun fact: Schedulicity Circle member and hair stylists, Elizabeth Faye, has made a second successful career by running her Hair Love Retreat, which teaches other stylists how to take charge of their businesses.)

Create a Series or Special Program

Workshops are also handy for when you want to plan a series of classes that build on top of each other. Let’s say you’re a yoga studio that teaches a Beginner yoga class, but you want to plan a multi-part series that covers all the foundations over the course of 4-6 weeks. By setting up a fitness workshop called “Foundations” (or whatever clever name you want to uses — Schedulicity’s lets you name your workshops anything you like!), you can require that students sign up for all the classes in the series.

Another example: A therapist could offer a group workshop focusing on divorce (or, hey, conscious uncoupling or co-parenting if you want something of-the-moment) that takes place over the span of several weeks. All with workshops.

Bonus: Using Schedulicity Pay, you can require a deposit to solidify your clients’ commitment.

Expand Your Own Expertise

If you want to learn a new specialty or technique or get certified, planning a workshop is a great way to offset the costs. You can work with the expert you’d like to bring in to negotiate a lower price per person based on total attendees (likely lower with a larger group) or even discuss hosting the workshop at your salon or studio in exchange for free attendance. It’s a great way to stay on top of trends in your industry at cost.

Use Workshops for Another Source of Income 

There’s a reason you hear about alternate revenue streams regularly and often. The reality is that you can only make so much with your services mainly because their are only so many hours in the day. (And, for massage therapists or fitness professionals, only so much physical work you can do with your hands.)

Creating higher priced beauty retreats, massage certifications, or fitness workshops allows you to expand the boundaries of how you earn your income and, with some savvy marketing skills, maybe even kick you into a new tax bracket.

Use Them to Build Your Network

It’s always good to meet other people in your industry, especially when you spend most of the day only interfacing with clients. Offering professional workshops is an ideal way to meet people in your city who you might want to partner with in the future. 

Just Give Yourself a Break 

Repeatedly teaching the same fitness classes or rolling through the same services list again and again and…again gets boring even for the most passionate among us. Workshops help keep you (and your clients) on your toes. By coming up with a topic that excites you and that varies from your usual offerings, you can switch up your routine and give your skillset a stretch — welcome bonuses at any time.