If you don’t already have a Google Business Profile, you’re missing out on some serious client traffic

In fact, businesses who integrate online booking with their Google Business Profile generally see an increase of 64% new clients.

Which is huge!

In this blog, we’ll share three of the biggest reasons why having a Google Business Profile is important for small business owners

Plus, we’ll show you how you can take more control of your business and integrate Schedulicity into your own Google Business Profile. 😉

  • Why Is a Google Business Profile Important?
  • Schedulicity + Google Business Profile
    • How Do I Use Schedulicity with My Google Business Profile?

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Why Is a Google Business Profile Important for Small Business Owners?

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is a completely free tool that gives you the power to influence how your business displays on Google Search and Google Maps.

It’s an essential tool for small business owners — helping you connect with clients and post business updates.

Here’s why you want a Google Business Profile for your business. 👇 

1. Enhanced Local Visibility

The biggest benefit of Google My Business is that it helps small businesses increase visibility online. (More visibility = more traffic!) 

When people search for businesses like yours on Google, your business profile will appear in the results, making it more likely that people will visit your website — or, more importantly, book with you!

2. Improved Local SEO

Put simply, SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of making your business easy to find through Google.

With a Google Business Profile, you’re in full control of your listing, providing clients (and potential clients!) with accurate and complete information about your business.

A thorough Google Business Profile improves your chances of ranking well in search results, leading to more traffic and clients.

3. Client Insights and Reporting

With a Google Business Profile, you’re provided with some seriously handy insight into how clients interact with your business online.

Each month Google gives you a monthly report of crucial business-building analytics and insight, such as:

  • Keywords clients use to find your business
  • How often you appeared in search results
  • How many people left reviews
  • How many times your profile was viewed
  • How many people clicked on your website link

“In a world where it’s easy to feel like people aren’t seeing your marketing efforts, a Google Business Profile is an option you can turn to to help your business increase visibility without the use of social media.” —Missy Megginson, Hair Stylist and Business Coach

Schedulicity + Google Business Profile

Integrating online booking, like Schedulicity, with your Google Business Profile is a game changer for small business owners looking to book more clients.

The integration is called Reserve with Google, and it allows you to include a “Book Online” button right on your Google Business Profile, so anyone who searches for you can easily book.

With Reserve with Google, you’re tapped into the millions of potential customers searching for businesses or services you offer through Google Search & Maps by giving them a way to book with you directly.

How do I use Reserve with Google on Schedulicity?

With the Schedulicity integration, there are a few pieces to have in place before you’re automatically set up with Reserve with Google. 

Here’s what you need:

  • A Google Business Profile that matches your business name on Schedulicity
  • Offer services on Schedulicity
  • Be visible in the Schedulicity Marketplace*

With those pieces in place, Schedulicity will automatically pass along your latest information to Google, including services you offer — automatically enabling the “Book Now” button on Google.

*Not already visible in the Schedulicity Marketplace for clients to find you? No problem! Walk through these steps to ensure your business is listed.