Clients of your small business might still prefer to pay you in cash or check, but there’s no doubt that society is moving toward plastic. In the U.S. alone, the value of cashless transactions is more than $3 billion.

Even if you’re not ready to go entirely cashless yet, you might find yourself moving that direction. The switch to credit cards is mainly due to convenience. With cards, after all, customers have the comfort of knowing they can make a purchase without worrying about having enough cash or a checkbook in their pockets.

Convenience is important to you as a small business owner as well — so why make your life difficult by using a credit card processor that complicates it all, adding all kinds of extra fees?

Low-Cost Credit Card Processing For Small Businesses

Even if you don’t plan on going completely cashless, it pays to have the best processor handling your credit card payments for you. The trick is to sort through the different services that claim to be the best credit card processing companies for a small business.

Let’s look first at how Schedulicity Pay operates.

The clearest advantage to Schedulicity Pay, which you can access and use for free when you sign up for our Unlimited Bookings Plus add-on, is that there are only two rates to consider: 1.99% + 10¢ for card dip, swipe, or tap and 2.85% + 25¢ for e-commerce or keyed-in transactions.

Flat rates don’t change, so once you identify whether cards are presented or keyed-in, there’s no guesswork about how much each transaction will cost you.

In any credit card payment processor comparison, Schedulicity Pay’s rates are the lowest and simplest in the industry. With some of the most popular platforms, rates are either broken down into several tiers or dictated by a credit card association. Many are also riddled with hidden fees or attached to long-term contracts.

Our goal is to provide low-cost credit card processing for small businesses so you can worry less about transaction costs and focus more on growing your company.

Is That Really Disruptive?

To us, keeping credit card transaction costs low, flat, and transparent just makes sense. Unfortunately, it’s more of a disruption to the status quo than you might realize.

Let’s look at how most other platforms operate.

For example, flat rates aren’t exactly the norm. Many of the services you investigate will tier their rates, with the highest costs reserved for e-commerce and keyed-in card transactions. Others will have interchange rates that remain the same only for specific cards — think Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.

Among those that do offer flat rates, such as Square, PayPal, Stripe, and Shopify, Schedulicity Pay still offers great credit card processing for a small business. Our card-present flat rate is lower than Square’s 2.75% and Stripe’s 2.9% + 30¢. Unlike PayPal, we don’t require you to partner with a separate point-of-sale system.

We also don’t have contracts, which you need in order to enjoy Shopify’s flat card rates. Those contracts can range from $29 to $299 per month.

Why We’re The Best Credit Card Payment System

The processing rates will, of course, be the first thing you consider about a credit card processor. But making the right choice involves more than just that. You should also look for the following elements:

• High functionality: Purchasing and implementing a new credit card processing system can be challenging, especially if it doesn’t integrate well with your existing system. Schedulicity Pay is a service-based add-on to your Schedulicity app, making it a natural extension of your scheduling platform.

• Live customer support: If a customer has an issue with his card or your system glitches or freezes, who can you turn to? If you have an issue or question regarding your Schedulicity Pay service, you can reach our award-winning customer service team at any time.

• Freedom to choose: Once you start using Schedulicity Pay, we don’t think you’ll want to switch. But if it turns out not to be the right fit for your business, you’ll have the freedom to leave without worrying about a contract breach. With the Unlimited Bookings Plus add-on, you can activate the service for free, use it for as long as you see fit, and deactivate it easily if needed.

• Optimal security: Affordability and convenience are beneficial only if you can process your customers’ credit payments securely. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard helps ensure that level of security, and Schedulicity Pay is designed to ensure consistent PCI compliance for every transaction, every time.

• Uninterrupted cash flow: The more of your consumers who use credit cards, the more your revenue cycle will depend on processing their payments efficiently and affordably. The ultimate goal of Schedulicity Pay’s flat rates, transparent services, and high functionality is to ensure that your business’ cash flow isn’t interrupted due to complications with your credit card processing system.

If you still aren’t sure exactly what sets Schedulicity Pay apart from other credit card processors, then you can contact our customer service experts today to learn more. Or if you’re ready to get started, then click here and begin enjoying the benefits of low-cost credit card processing for your small business!