There is nothing “quick” about building a business on Instagram. It takes a lot of time, attention, and consistency. 

One of the best ways to build a business and increase engagement on Instagram is to post content that speaks directly to them. But another way, of course, is to engage with that client in a way that makes them know, love, and trust you. The moment you do that is also the moment they will click the “Book Now” button.

That is why your Instagram strategy should not focus only on followers but on what content gets the most engagement. Your goal should be to interact with the potential clients that will eventually turn into real clients in your chair.

So many stylists often ask me: How do I get more clients from Instagram? How can I build my business using Instagram?

My answer is to create brand-consistent content that speaks directly to your audience and engages with people as much as possible. Let’s dive into my top ways to boost your engagement on Instagram:

20 Quick Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement as Hair or Beauty Business

1. Spend time understanding who you are as a stylist first.

What is your forte/specialty? What services do you provide, and what problems do you solve?

2. Log on every day.

Show up everyday on IG and share content that is relative to your perfect target client.

3. Be authentic and real and show people your personality.

People want to know who they are spending time with.

4. Share photos of yourself working behind the chair.

A blowout, a haircut — whatever your specialty is.

5. Show how well you connect to clients.

Share videos of yourself working on a client and having the best time while you’re doing their hair.

Pro Tip: Speaking of connecting with clients… with Schedulicity, you can add a client-friendly Book Now button right to your business Instagram page, so clients can book with you right then and there! Not a Schedulicity business? Sign up today!

6. Post before-and-afters.

Share transformation photos of your favorite clients.

7. Use those before-and-afters on IG stories, too.

Take some selfies with your client after their hair transformation and share them on your IG story. (Be sure to get your client’s permission to share.)

8. Educate your clients (and potential clients).

Share hair care tips, at-home tricks, and ways to maintain your beautiful hair in between appointments

9. Create different types of video content to show off your knowledge.

Educational videos, retail videos on your fav product, and videos that position you as an expert.

10. Create content that people want to save.

Education posts, like hair care tips and tricks, are great for that.

11. Write more in-depth and detailed captions.

The days of writing only “mocha chocolate hair color” in the caption are long gone. Create interesting captions that take people on a journey. Really walk them through what it is like to be in your chair.

12. Use the best #hashtags for engagement.

Examples: #blondebalayge #shorthaircuts and be sure to use geotags EX: #nychaircuts #njbalayage. Here are some more Instagram hashtag tips.

13. Host a contest.

Something light and fun. It could be a selfie contest or a product giveaway.

14. Track your success to plan more content.

Look at your insights for your previous posts and see what type of content your audience is engaged with. And then create more content like that.

15. Always interact with your audience.

When you post and someone writes a comment, respond to it. Respond to all the comments you receive. This is huge for creating engagement but also attracting new clients. 

16. Be active on Stories.

Stories are a great place to showcase more of your personal side. You should be finding ways to share small insights 24/7.

17. Be consistent!

Show up everyday with great, brand-relevant content.

18. Have fun.

Create content that makes people want to spend time with you in your chair. Be yourself, and don’t take it too seriously.

19. Take advantage of all that IG has to offer.

Go Live. Create IGTV content. Share on Stories. Create Reels. Here are my tips on how to use each type of content.

20. Stay true to you and your brand.

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