Welcome to another edition of our Hidden Gems series.

As clients wait to book with you, chances are they’re all overdue for a service or class, but what that appointment is can vary widely.

It could be the college kid whose girlfriend gave him a disastrous buzzcut in the bathroom or the dad who needs to see his chiropractor ASAP after carrying his 5-year-old around full-time for the last 10 weeks. Or maybe it’s the 70-something who doesn’t feel safe venturing out for a haircut yet but could definitely use some of her favorite shampoo delivered.

The point is: You’ve got the extra time, why not spend it reaching out to each of these clients rather than sending a more general email to your full client list? It’s the ideal way to show them that you care but also to get more people excited about booking again. 

Last week, one of our businesses wrote to our CX Rockstars to ask if we could give her the lowdown on how to use tags. How could we resist? If you’ve spent any time in our email marketing tools (which are now free until September 1!), you’ve likely seen that you can segment who you send an email to using our email list filters, but did you know tags let you go even deeper than that? 

Here’s how to use both the filters and tags to build custom client lists and better target who you’re messaging. (Because there’s no better feeling than opening an email that feels like exactly what was on your mind.) 

Step 1: Email Marketing Filters

Before customizing, make sure you’re using what you’ve already got. 

One of the best parts of our email marketing is the ability to drill down into your client list, so you can send the right email to the right person at the right time. To do this, set up your email and under Choose a Mailing List, click the arrow next to Everyone. (If you’re still getting familiar with our email marketing, here’s a tutorial video that walks you through it.) 

We have all sorts of options including (but definitely not limited to): 

  • By age / gender
  • By package expiration, e.g. sending an email to everyone who has a package expiring soon
  • By birthday 

It’s one of our team’s favorite tools because you can use them to get even more specific. There are options to exclude certain lists, and you can create email lists by filtering by service type or by people registered for a certain class.

Or go deeper — if you want, you can email only people who have checked in for a specific class.

But now’s a great time to experiment with ways to speak even more directly to the clients who want to hear from you. Maybe you’ve just re-upped your Oribe product ahead of reopening and want to let people who have previously purchased it know that it’s back in stock. Or maybe you’re a massage therapist who wants to reach out to clients who have a history of back pain for a special online workshop you’re putting on.  Or you want to offer a special discount to people who have referred friends to your salon or studio. (We love a loyalty program!) For that — all of that! — behold the magic of tags. 

Step 2: Custom Tags

Get even more specific to target people who have bought certain products — or even the big tippers.

If you’re finding that our filters aren’t quite getting you to the level of specificity you’d like (or if you’re just curious what the heck people do with the Tags option), we’ve got you.  

Tags are an amazing way to filter clients from events or who buy specific products. That’s probably the most common way we’ve seen them used, but Caitlin, one of our data scientists did a little digging for some ways businesses have gotten creative with them. We’ve seen them used to send custom thank-you messages (a great thing to do right now), planning timely discount emails, or speaking to someone’s specific concern or needs.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Refers Friends
  • Good Tipper
  • VIP
  • Acquaintance
  • Bargain Shopper
  • Public Servant / Military
  • Parent
  • Acne Scars / Frizzy / Arthritis / Back Pain

But how do you tag a client? Head into your Client tab and click the client you want to tag. On the upper right hand of their profile, click “Edit” and scroll down to the section that says “tags +”. Tag away!

As someone with bangs that have been growing out for 10+ weeks into Safer at Home, I would personally love it if my stylist sent an email around to everyone with a bang cut giving us some words of encouragement, styling tips, and a friendly reminder that no, you should not cut your own bangs after two glasses of quarantine wine…