Communication is crucial when it comes to your guests. You want them to be the first to know about all the promotions you have going on in your business. But did you know that only 5-8% of your social media followers will see your posts? And that’s more toward the high end. It is closer to 5% on average.

This is why email marketing is so important for your business. The open rate in an email campaign in the beauty industry can average between 18-23%. That is way better than 5% of your social media following viewing your posts. 

Email marketing keeps you connected to your guests between appointments, and it encourages them to support your business even more by adding or bundling services or purchasing your products. 

That’s especially true around the holiday season when most of your guests will be looking for gift ideas and gift card promotions, hair and makeup tips, and even the perfect stocking stuffer. Email marketing is also a great way for you to promote gift cards and introduce new service to your service menu.

If you’re not sending email campaigns to your client list at least twice a month, I highly recommend you start. Creating campaigns is simple and easy. (I use Schedulicity’s marketing tools, which include a variety of email templates where you can plug in your information and hit send). Before I dive into holiday marketing campaigns, here’s my best advice for email marketing in general: 

First, Be sure to keep the campaign simple. Focus on one or two topics in each campaign. Don’t just throw in everything you want to share in one email. 

Alright, let’s dive in:

1. Announce extended holiday hours 

Keep your guests in the know. If you decide to change your hours for the holidays, your guests should be the first to know. Make sure you also share this on social media. You can do this by using Canva to create well-branded ads for free. (And if you post your hours in your bio, don’t forget to update them!)

2. Holiday product gift guide

I love this idea so much! Starting in November, I highly recommend sharing some of your favorite products with your guests. People love to hear what you love and why you love it. So share away. 

3. Offer gift cards

And set up specifical discounts on them, too. Promotions like: 

  • Purchase a $100 gift card for only $80.
  • Save $20 with your purchase from November 20th to Dec 25th. 

Pick dates that work best for you. Gift cards are great for people who need to book appointments for themselves around the holidays, but they’re also fantastic stocking stuffers. 

4. Cyber Monday promotion

We all know Cyber Monday as the day that online shops make great money off shoppers. And so can you! This is a great time to boost sales on your site if you have an e-commerce area on your website. 

5. Appointment availability

In a service-based business, you will fill up quite quickly around the holidays. But guess what else happens around the holidays? Cancelations. Be sure to inform your guests of your upcoming cancelations and openings. Aside from email campaigns, these openings should also be shared on your social platforms. 

6. Retail package deals

I love me a good retail package deal. You can purchase them and save some cash or even package up your own. Your guests are looking for great grab-and-go items, so let them know which of their favorite items will be on sale for the holiday months. 

7. Gifts under $20 

Gifts that are priced under $20 are such a hit. Quick grab items like chapstick, makeup items, lotions, oils, hair products. Promote them ahead of time because they typically will go quickly. 

8. A feel-good, do-good email

It is so important to give back in some way to your community. Better yet, get your guests involved with your favorite non-profit. You can host a fundraising event or food drive. Remind guests to donate online or bring canned goods with them to their holiday appointments. Come together with your team and pick something you are all truly passionate about. Nothing is more rewarding than giving back to your community. Especially around the holidays. 

9. (Super limited) Holiday sales

Aside from your favorite products, you can create an email campaign that gives a sense of urgency to your hot ticket items. Pick a few of your favs and put them on sale for a short amount of time. Black Friday is a great time to do this. Have the sale for the weekend only. And you can also drop quick campaign reminders with a countdown on when the sales end so they don’t miss out. 

10. Holiday hair and makeup tips

Nobody loves a great hair or makeup tutorial better than your loyal guests. This is a great way for you to promote your services or products while educating them with your favorite products. Do these tutorials in a video or with a step-by-step how to list. I can promise your guests will love all the tips and tools so they get ready for their holiday parties.  

A Few Tips on Getting It All Done:

You may be thinking: How am I going to get all of this ready to go before the holidays? Not to worry. I recommend doing this as batch work. Pick 30 minutes a day where you can sit down and work on these campaigns. It may take you a week or two, but it will be worth it. 

Just pick your top 3-5 of these, and create a schedule for when you want to send them. (Here’s a holiday calendar to bookmark.) Think about your target audience and what they will like the most. 

The best way to get people excited about the things you have going on in your business is to constantly talk about them. 

You can start now and share ideas all the way through the end of December or even January (or Who doesn’t love a “New Year, New You” email?). Happy Holiday campaigning my friends.

About the Author: Nina Tulio is a former salon owner and stylist that has been in the industry for 23 years. She now owns a consulting business and travels the country educating salon owners and stylists on how to grow a successful, sustainable business.