The new audio-based app for iPhone that’s beloved by Silicon Valley CEOs, Clubhouse may just be the next big thing for your business, too.

If you are anything like me, you’ve spent hours and hours on the latest app called Clubhouse. The first week I literally fell behind on work, and I was up until midnight trying to keep up. I may have even skipped a meal or two just to dive into these “rooms” in the clubhouse. 

I had FOMO. I was curious. I wanted to see what Clubhouse was all about, and then — after setting some healthy boundaries for myself — I fell in love.

What is Clubhouse?

Think of it as a glorified, interactive podcast. Or maybe a Zoom call without video. It is an invite-only, interactive chatting app that is allowing people to network across the globe. 

If you love a good podcast like I do, you will love Clubhouse. Not only can you learn a ton, but you can also raise your hand and potentially be asked to come on stage to join the conversation.

Cool right?!

How Can You Get Invited? 

First things first. You have to be an iPhone/iOS user. (I know, such a bummer for my Android users.) 

Then, a friend who is already a member (and has your phone number in their contact list) can invite you. 

Once invited, you will be asked to invite your friends after downloading your contacts into the Clubhouse app. Initially, you can invite up to two people. Once a friend has accepted the invitation, your name will always be tied to that user, as the invitee’s name lives on the bottom of their page.

How Does It Work?

Once you are in, you can start by picking categories that interest you. You can also start to follow people you know. 

Clubhouse will show a pop-up of friends of friends so you can get connected. You can then hop into what they call a “room” — which would be like a podcast or Zoom call with photos of all the people in the room. 

The hosts and moderators line up at the top and they of course pick the topic. You can hang out on the bottom and just listen. Or you can raise your hand, and, if invited, you can ask a question related to the topic. You can also ping your friends to invite them into the room as well if you think it is a topic they would like.

If you are a planner, you can schedule rooms, copy the link, and share it on your Instagram story. It will then alert you when a friend has scheduled a room so you can add it to your calendar. 

As a heads up, some rooms can last for hours. But don’t worry, you can always leave quietly and pop in and out whenever you like. (I live for an hour by myself. That is my max.) 

You’ll also want to keep in mind: these chats are not recorded. Unlike a podcast, once they end, they are gone for good. 

Why Is Clubhouse Important for Your Business?

OMG! You are able to be in the room with so many people you may never have had access to before. I hopped in a room with Damon John, Bethany Frankel, Elon Musk, and it was all about business. So much valuable information! 

You can also hop in a room with like-minded people in your own industry. 

For example, the beauty industry is blowing up on Clubhouse, and it is a great opportunity to not only learn but to also share your magic and knowledge. I have been a part of and led some life-changing rooms where people have such breakthroughs and really come into their own. I am inspired just by listening to everyone’s stories and hearing the strength in their voices. 

That is the best part for me — watching people have this newfound confidence and use their voice to help and serve others. It really is an incredible thing to be a part of and a really great way to grow your network of like-minded people.

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