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We are a collective of passionate entrepreneurs, artists, and industry leaders that want you to be successful.

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Philip Wolff

“Schedulicity has been an absolute life saver! Such an easy way to stay organized in life as well as freeing up time for my non work life.”


Hair Artist / Beverly Hills Hair, Beverly Hills, CA / @philipwolffhair

Alfredo Lewis

I found a new life saver called Schedulicity! Traveling the way that I do and trying to manage a full clientele can be stressful. I had tried using systems in the past but they didn’t seem to fit. That is until I found Schedulicity. Everything that I could ask for in one place! It’s easy to use and my clients love it! They are using the app on their end not only to book with me but for other services they need in their busy lives as well! They just launched Schedulicity Pay which is inside the app as well and that was the cherry on top of an already delicious cupcake! It’s way cheaper than any payment system around! So much so that I’ll save almost 10k a year from credit card fees! So now it’s become a one stop shop for my business and simplified my life as a hair stylist!”


Hair Artist / Beverly Hills Hair, Beverly Hills, CA / @alfredo_lewis

Elizabeth Faye | Schedulicity Advocate

Elizabeth Faye

“Schedulicity is such an incredibly powerful app – like an assistant in your pocket. From email marketing to their support team, Schedulicity will change your life. On top of that, they are a company with heart that cares about you and wants to see your business grow.”


Hairstylist Success Coach / Elizabeth Faye Salon, St. George, UT / @heyelizabethfaye


“Schedulicity is the complete package. It has streamlined many aspects of running a business, from marketing to client communications, business reports to the ease for our clients to book an appointment.”


Creators / Your Day Off Podcast, MD / @hairdustry

Barry Hairston

“Schedulicity has changed my life. Now I can manage my time – I know when I’m going to work, how long, exactly when I take a break, etc. The client knows when they arrive it’s their turn, no waiting, and they’re able to schedule times at their convenience. They can set days and times that work for them.”


Barber / The Stars Barber, Dallas, TX / @thestarsbarber

Lee Resnick

“Schedulicity cares about their users. It’s more than just a scheduling application but a community of barbers that understand professionalism and respecting the craft.”


Event Producer / Barbershop Connect, New York, NY / @barbershopconnect

Dani Tygr

“Schedulicity gave me my life back! I am no longer a slave to countless emails and the battle of bookings. Schedulicity and the amazing team behind it have brought prosperity, endless possibilities and most of all peace into my life!”


Hair Artist / Beverly Hills Hair, Beverly Hills, CA / @danitygr

Gabriel Urbina

“It’s been a smooth transition from using another scheduling app and so far I’ve loved it! I know there is more to come because Schedulicity listens to their clients! When we need something they get to work on it ASAP! I love how they always reach out via email, IG, and even phone calls just to make sure I’m running smooth! Talk about customer service! If I’m not happy my clients won’t be happy either so! If you aren’t on this yet, it’s about time!”


Hairdresser / Bethesda, MD / @artistry_by_gabriel

Nina Tulio | Schedulicity

Nina Tulio

“Schedulicity takes online booking to the next level. The marketing tools alone are incredible. You have everything you need to help increase your sales and enhance the relationships you have with your guests.”


Salon Education / 1N Agency, Los Angeles, CA / @Nina2leo

Jay Nixon

“Before Schedulicity, I was married to my appointment book. Yes, I carried a planner and a pencil with me everywhere I went. Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but with over 250 clients in my business and seeing an average of 100 clients per day, it was organized chaos at its best. Since making the life-changing and time-saving move to Schedulicity, my business has improved and I’ve become more productive doing the things I got in the business to do in the first place.”


Author & Fitness Coach / Thrive Fitness Studio, Palm Desert, CA / @jaynixon.thrivefitness

Lori Crete

“Schedulicity is a modern miracle business-building tool that every beauty entrepreneur should have. Online booking combined with marketing done for you and low-cost payment processing – all bundled together, is one of the most significant money making & time saving systems that I have in my practice.”


Esthetician, Beauty Industry Consultant, & Speaker / The Beauty Biz Show, Palm Desert, CA / @lori_beautybiz

Cassie smiling with a towel in hand as a client smiles in the forefront taking a selfie.

Cassie Kurtz

“Anyone who knows my story can tell you one of the BIGGEST changes I made after hitting my lowest month financially was I switched booking platforms. I have zero regrets and over the last 20 months I have only experienced amazing customer support which means they’re treating MY clients right too.”


Master Barber / Her Chair His Hair, New York, NY / @herchairhishair

Pati Plymire smiling

Pati Plymire

Barber / Queen of the South, Austin, TX / @queenofthesouth512