“Schedulicity has been my growth partner from the get-go. They’ve truly been a game-changer in my journey, beyond just booking appointments” — Lauren Nettuno, Nettuno Skincare Studio

Business Name: Nettuno Skincare Studio

Location: Bozeman, MT

About: Nettuno Skincare Studio is the perfect combination of skincare and spa indulgence, and a dream come true for owner Lauren Nettuno. 

Nettuno Skincare Studio is designed to make clients feel confident and relaxed with skincare products curated to calm the soul and treat the skin. 

The Studio offers a full range of luxury treatments, including facials, brows, lashes, and needle-less microneedling. 

Every treatment is unique to each client, because they’re centered around the best part of self-care: disconnecting you from the busy outside world and reconnecting with yourself. 

Favorite Schedulicity Feature: “I love Schedulicity’s customer experience chatbot. The entire customer support team is only a second away, and I use it all the time! It’s like I texted my best friend. They answer right away.”

How It Started

Born and raised in Bozeman, MT, owner Lauren Nettuno was immersed in the beauty industry from an early age. 

Lauren’s entrepreneurial spirit — perhaps inherited from her father, Schedulicity founder and CEO Jerry Nettuno — led her to embark on her own business journey.

“As I got older, I found myself drawn to skincare,” she said. 

After studying at Montana Skin Academy, Lauren received her estheticians license.

She began her career in a holistic spa, learning about the power of touch and the importance of clean, organic skincare. 

She then “transitioned to the opposite end of the esthetic spectrum” and worked under a renowned plastic surgeon at a medical spa. 

There, she learned different modalities and the effectiveness of medical grade skincare.

Lauren’s path is not uncommon. Nearly one in three professionals in a personal appearance occupation is self-employed, according to the Professional Beauty Association.

Chart showing one in three professionals in a personal appearance occupation is self employed

After a few years in the esthetics field, Lauren sensed a pull towards something greater, a desire for more. 

She wanted more freedom, more creative control, and a more authentic connection with her clients. 

Upon searching for her next career move, she couldn’t find anywhere that fit her criteria.

“I couldn’t find a space that matched the level of luxury and personalization that I aimed to provide,” she said. “I wanted to challenge myself and offer something truly exceptional.” 

Thus, Nettuno Skincare Studio was born, marking the realization of her vision. 

“I took bits and pieces from my professional experience and compiled them into something that is authentically mine: Nettuno Skincare Studio,” Lauren said.

“My invitation to my clients is simple: ‘You will experience a combination of clean skincare and treatments that provide all the best feelings, results, and indulgence of a spa environment.’”

Lauren Nettuno in her Studio

How Schedulicity Helped

In her pursuit of elevating client convenience and optimizing her bookkeeping, Lauren looked to Schedulicity to overcome challenges that all new entrepreneurs face: 

  • Filling appointment slots with new clients
  • Providing an easy way to schedule appointments for her clients
  • Managing work-life balance 

Choosing Schedulicity proved instrumental in solving these problems for Nettuno Skincare Studio. 

Using Fill My Book, a Schedulicity-unique feature that advertises hard-to-fill appointment slots, Lauren gained 20 new clients in a few weeks. 

Because Schedulicity allows clients to book their own appointments, Lauren spends her time focusing on another important piece of her business: client relationships

Lauren strongly believes in the significance of personal connection with her clients. 

That’s why she uses Schedulicity’s marketing features for consistent communication, like appointment text reminders. 

She’s also a social media expert, committing to owning her own brand from the start of her entrepreneurial journey. 

Lauren’s social media strategy is a crucial tool in her continuing growth. Her original social content is just another way she connects with her clients. 

She also integrated Schedulicity, her booking app, with Instagram. Now, clients can book directly from her page. 

She credits this streamlined approach with fostering client loyalty and creating a thriving esthetics business.

“Schedulicity is like my own personal assistant. I really like that it keeps my day organized and neat. I’m a big list-maker, and Schedulicity’s dashboard makes me feel accomplished as the day progresses, because it automatically removes finished appointments from my calendar view.”

As for managing work-life balance, Lauren attributes Schedulicity’s reporting features as her own personal bookkeeper. 

These automated reports leave her more time to focus on her craft and her own self-care. 

Schedulicity’s reports help Lauren track the growth and performance of her skincare studio. 

She gets a comprehensive overview of transactions, which is especially useful after switching to Schedulicity Pay

Additionally, Lauren accesses real-time weekly revenue reports, which provide her with invaluable insights into how cancellations and no-shows could impact her revenue. 

This enables her to make proactive scheduling adjustments, like using Schedulicity’s appointment waitlist feature. She can open a waitlist for appointments, so if someone does cancel, another client is waiting to take their place. 

Example of Lauren Nettuno's Dashboard

Looking to the Future

All the progress of Nettuno Skincare Studio, so far, stands as a testament to Lauren’s dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Looking ahead, Lauren has a few goals in mind — bring in another luxury product line, expand her retail, and grow her client base — and she plans to bring Schedulicity along with her. 

Motivated by the vision of Nettuno Skincare Studio as a sanctuary where clients can unwind and embrace their true selves, Lauren aims to continue providing a tranquil space where esthetics treatments offer a refuge from the outside world.

Advice for Other Beauty Solopreneurs

When asked for tips on starting out in the beauty industry as a solo entrepreneur, Lauren shared a piece of advice from her dad: “The answer is always no if you don’t ask the question.

She also stressed the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

“You have to be undeniably good to succeed,” she said. “The beauty market is full of other estheticians and hair stylists. Charging a high rate doesn’t equate to a high service. 

Being undeniably good, being talked about, being referred, being rebooked –– that’s how you build a successful business.”

She suggests making the most of what’s offered, too. 

Schedulicity’s white-glove onboarding experience set up Lauren’s account quickly and easily. 

By using free resources, like video tutorials and real-time customer support, she was able to start booking appointments within hours. 

“Schedulicity has been my rock since day one, and it’s played a huge role in my growth. Beyond simply managing appointments, the customer support team has been instrumental in setting up my account smoothly. It’s been a game-changer, really.” — Lauren Nettuno, Nettuno Skincare Studio

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