Squirm into your sports bra or compression shorts, hit the gym, shower, rinse, repeat.

It’s a fine line between routine and rut, and when you find yourself getting bored with your workout regimen, it’s time to shake things up. Variety is key to keeping your motivation high—if working out is totally mind numbing, you’ll slack and miss out on meeting your goals.

Equally important is finding the best workout routine for you—one that’s as unique as you are and that keeps you engaged and entertained. Luckily, fitness visionaries are constantly developing inventive workout routines and fitness classes, giving you the opportunity to try new things and experiment.

This is a banner year for unique workout routines and classes. Here are seven of the best workouts to try in 2019, from jump rope cardio to goat yoga. (Yes, you heard me right. Goat yoga.)

1. Water Cycling

No longer is swimming the only way to workout in the water.

Tired of swimming laps but want to keep working out in the pool? Try water cycling, also called aqua cycling or hydrospinning. The workout uses special waterproof bikes submerged in a pool.

Water cycling is similar to a typical spin class, but the water removes the risk of joint injuries, making the class ideal for people with limited mobility or who are recovering from an injury. Pedaling under water also means more resistance than a land-based cycling class, so if you’re looking for an added challenge while staying on a bike, water cycling is your best bet.

Whatever you do—don’t slack on your hydration. Just because you’re surrounded by water doesn’t mean you can ignore your water bottle during the workout.

2. Goat Yoga

Goat yoga might sound a little out there, but it’s just the ticket to invigorate a stagnant yoga practice.

Also known as caprine vinyasa, goat yoga is just like a normal yoga class with one critical added element: baby goats frolicking around as you fold yourself into poses.

The class is typically for all levels of yoga practitioners, and is intended to be playful and relaxed. During the class, instructors encourage participants to pet the goats, and goats often climb on top of yogis holding poses. (Talk about a balance challenge!). The goats add joy to the class while also creating extra challenges, all while forcing you to stay present.

3. Jump Rope Cardio

Tired of hoofing it on the treadmill? Jumping rope is a full-body cardio workout—one that can burn more calories than running. So move your Skip-It aside and dust off that jump rope—a jump rope workout is definitely going to make you sweat.

You don’t need to be a master jump rope expert to get the most out of this class—you won’t be doing complicated tricks like you did in the second grade. Most jump rope cardio classes will use the ropes for conditioning training, and some workouts also circulate through a variety of multi-functional training exercises to build strength. Jumping rope is a welcome change from a tired cardio workout, and it just might get you in touch with that inner child that loved skipping rope on the playground.


The hottest workout trend of 2019 is…cooling down? That’s right. If you’re in New York City, make sure to check out BRRRN, a boutique fitness studio that specializes in cold workouts. The studio offers a yoga-inspired workout, a core and cardio workout, and a strength training workout with battle ropes—all at a breezy 50°.

For those of us who dread running outside during the hottest months or sweating profusely in an overheated gym, BRRRN is a welcome change. The cold is bracing and keeps you present, and makes working out more comfortable, so you can focus on your form, not toweling off. Win win.

5. The Class by Taryn Toomey

And here we have New York City, at it again to bring us the latest in hybrid (and chic) workout classes. The Class (yes, that is its full name) is a mix of cardio, strength training, and—yes—spiritual meditation that’s got the likes of Cristy Turlington and former Refinery29 fashion editor Alyssa Coscarelli singing its praises. If you’re curious, you can read an entire breakdown of the class approach on Self.com, plus try out some of the moves on your own at home (major bonus points for those of us who don’t live in Manhattan or LA).

6. Pony Sweat Aerobics

Fashion may be cyclical but so too are workout trends. Cue the rise in modernized aerobic classes including the edgy and body positive Pony Sweat. Emilia, the woman behind Pony Sweat creates custom workouts for those lucky fitness junkies who reside in Los Angeles. The routines have garnered praise from publications as diverse as Fast Company, BUST, and Nylon. Move over, Richard Simmons. If you live in L.A., book a class early because they fill up fast (you can do that online through Schedulicity). Plans are in the works for full-length workouts on YouTube, but until that happens, you can always pair your dance or aerobics workouts with Emilia’s carefully curated Spotify playlists.

7. Yoga With Adriene

Yes, it’s great to make time for a studio sweat session, but there’s a reason why those Jane Fonda workout videos keep circulating. If we could call one trend for 2019, it’s going to be the rise of professional-grade workouts on YouTube for those days when even easy booking on Schedulicity (sorry, couldn’t help it) can’t get you to the gym. For those days, cue Adriene, a no-nonsense yoga instructor who’s less Namaste, more “Nah, my mistake.” She’s human, playful, snarky, and loses her balance as often as the rest of us. Try one of her various videos or a playlist or 30-day plan to really commit.