As a certified spray tan technician, it’s your job to ensure your clients receive an even, natural-looking tan — no matter their body type.

Giving your clients that perfect, balanced glow requires more than just quality spray tanning solution and application techniques. 

It also requires knowing how to guide your clients into the correct spray tan positions and poses. 

Here are eight essential spray tan positions to help you provide the best spray service possible for your clients.

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8 Spray Tan Positions for Every Body Type

Understanding and implementing the following spray tan positions into your business can make all the difference in your client’s final look.

Basic Spray Tan Positions

1. The Standard “T” Pose

Description: The client stands with their feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended straight out to the sides, forming a “T” shape.

Purpose: This is the starting position for most spray tanning sessions. It allows you to evenly coat the client’s torso, arms, and sides.

Pro Tip: Ensure the client’s palms are facing down initially, then have them turn palms up to get full coverage on the arms.

2. The “Angel Wings” Pose

Description: From the “T” pose, the client bends their elbows so that their hands are at shoulder height, fingers spread.

Purpose: This pose allows for thorough coverage of the underarms and sides of the torso, areas that can easily be missed.

Pro Tip: Make sure the client’s elbows are not blocking any part of their torso. You might need to adjust their arms slightly to get complete coverage.

3. The “Cactus” Pose

Description: This spray position requires that the client stands with their feet shoulder-width apart and brings their hands up to the sides, elbows bent at 90 degrees, resembling a cactus.

Purpose: This pose is excellent for getting the coverage clients need for the sides and under the arms, as well as the upper back and shoulders.

Pro Tip: Instruct the client to hold their elbows up and out to avoid any skin-on-skin contact that might cause streaking.

4. The “Turn and Tilt” Pose

Description: The client stands with feet shoulder-width apart, turns slightly to the side, and tilts their head up and to the opposite side.

Purpose: This pose helps in evenly spraying the neck, jawline, and sides of the face, areas that are often tricky to tan.

Pro Tip: Make sure the client maintains a relaxed posture to avoid tension, which can lead to uneven application.

5. The “Step Back” Pose

Description: The client steps one foot back, keeping the front leg straight and bending the back knee slightly.

Purpose: This position guarantees an even tan on the legs, particularly around the ankles and back of the knees.

Pro Tip: Have the client shift weight to the back leg to fully expose the front leg for spraying. Repeat with the other leg to ensure uniform coverage.

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Specialized Spray Tan Positions for All Body Types

1. The “Overhead Reach” Pose

Description: The client reaches one arm straight up, slightly bending at the elbow, while the other arm hangs naturally by their side.

Purpose: This pose is perfect for establishing an even tan along the sides of the torso, under the arms, and the armpits.

Pro Tip: Spray each side separately, instructing the client to alternate arms to avoid over-tanning one side.

2. The “Backward Bend” Pose

Description: The client leans backward slightly, arching the back and lifting the chin.

Purpose: This spray tan pose helps in spraying the front of the neck, chest, and upper abdomen evenly.

Pro Tip: Make sure the client maintains a slight bend, avoiding any strain that could cause discomfort or an uneven tan.

3. The “Knee Lift” Pose

Description: The client lifts one knee, keeping the leg bent at a 90-degree angle.

Purpose: This position allows for a thorough spray on the inner thighs, knees, and lower legs.

Pro Tip: Balance is essential here, so make sure the client feels stable before you start spraying. Repeat with the other leg for full coverage.

Final Tips for Spray Techs

Communication Is Key: Always explain each pose clearly to your client and ensure they feel comfortable. Use mirrors if necessary to show them the exact positions.

Adjust as Needed: Remember that every client’s body is different. Be prepared to adjust poses slightly to accommodate various body types and double check for even coverage.

Practice Makes Perfect: Familiarize yourself with these spray tan positions through practice. The more you work with them, the more natural and efficient the process will become.

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