You’ve found yourself with the best of all possible problems: Your salon is too busy.

As much as you’d love to speak to every client who calls in to make their next hair appointment, you need to automate or something’s going to give. You need salon booking software to manage your calendar.

At Schedulicity, we’re completely convinced that our salon software is the best one on the market. Schedulicity goes beyond just booking—we offer tons of services to keep people from cancelling appointments, market your salon, and most importantly, give you back more precious time.

When you’re thinking about what is the best salon software on the market, there’s a lot resting on finding the one that’s affordable, straightforward, and also the least time-consuming (because you’ve got other things to do).

Here’s exactly why Schedulicity is the easy choice.

You Can Get Your Salon Schedule Organized

Managing a salon involves tons of moving parts—salon hours, employee schedules, and your own timing.

Juggling it all can mean rummaging through multiple calendars, pulling your hair out trying to keep things straight. You might have even lost money because of a cluttered calendar—maybe you lost an existing client because you accidentally double booked her service, or you had an afternoon free that you could have filled with appointments but got lost under Post-It notes.

Cue the need for a salon scheduler.

Schedulicity lets you see every salon appointment—and your personal time—in one place. You can even access appointment details and store notes on customers, like brand and style preferences. You can sync your Google Calendar, too, putting everything in one place.

Your Customers Can Book Appointments Online With Ease

Booking should be as easy as possible—you don’t want any barriers standing in the way of your clients making an appointment. That’s why phone booking should be a thing of the past and salon software should allow clients to book online.

Salon software like Schedulicity avoids the utterly infuriating game of phone tag you inevitably end up playing, frustrating both you and the client—or worse, encouraging them to take their money across the street.

Schedulicity provides a full service booking experience: Your clients can browse your open schedule and book an appointment for the service of their choice instantly – all in the Marketplace. Then, Schedulicty will block off that time in your calendar, managing your schedule for you so you don’t have to waste your time on minutia.

We Have a World-Class Support Team

There’s plenty of scheduling software tools out there to choose from, but we think we stand apart—especially when it comes to how much we care about our customers.

For example: Does the idea of spending hours manually entering your new client list into our system seem daunting? We’ll do it for you. In fact, migrating is a top issue our new businesses face, and it’s just one of the things our awesome support team will take on.

We build a bond with all our businesses, so you can feel comfortable coming to us anytime you need.

Ping us with the purple button on the website (on the bottom right) and we’ll get back to you almost immediately.

You Can Market Your Salon Business With Schedulicity

We’re not just a scheduling software—we provide all the marketing tools needed to continue growing your business.

Being featured in online listings is key to marketing efforts, and the online business listings in the Schedulicity Marketplace give you tons of visibility for more potential clients. We invest heavily to drive thousands of clients to our site every day, and you get exposure to that major audience.

But marketing isn’t just about attracting new clients—it’s also about engaging the ones you have. That’s why we offer Automated Marketing to help you engage with your current contacts.

Schedulicity’s Automated Marketing feature allows you to set up automated email templates for special occasions like wishing a happy birthday. Pro tip: You can even include a special discount for their next appointment to entice them to rebook!

You Can Cut Down on No-Shows

Another common struggle for salon owners? No-shows and canceled appointments.

Schedulicity lessens the likelihood of a no-show that loses you money by automatically sending Client Text Reminders. These reminders drastically increase the chances of clients keeping an appointment. And if a client responds to the text with a cancellation, you’ve found in far in advance of their appointment time, giving you the opportunity to fill their slot with another client.

You Can Use Our Salon Scheduling App on Your Phone

We’ve designed our Schedulicity Business mobile app so you can run your salon from anywhere—without the stress. Did a last-minute cancellation threaten your bottom line for the day and you’re not by your computer? Don’t panic.

You can handle the situation by sending out an email of open appointment times and scheduling an appointment right from your phone. Our app allows you to access your client list, book appointments, and more for easy scheduling needs.

Use Schedulicity for your salon business! Sign up here.