Business cards might feel a little 1999 with all the marketing tools at our fingertips these days, but they’re still an important marketing technique for any barber shop.

That’s because they not only give clients the info they need about your business — they’re also a chance for you to show off your creative side!

But as with any barber shop’s marketing efforts — like email marketing or social media — you always have to ask yourself: How much info should you include? And how will your brand be represented?

In this blog, we’ll give you the design tips you need to create your own barber business cards. Plus, we have free card templates to help inspire your own!

Barber Business Cards Design Tips

Start With the Basics

First things first. Your business cards should give clients the info they need about you and your business. To make sure you know what to include, we’re breaking down the must-haves.

  • Barber Shop Name: This one may seem like an obvious must-have, but every business card needs the barber shop name in addition to your name.
  • Logo: A great barber shop logo helps clients recognize your business, and it’s an important piece of any business card.
  • Specialties: Are you a master of the perfect fade? Or maybe you’re famous for your straight razor shaves? Include a small list of services you specialize in.
  • Contact Information: Giving clients the info they need to contact you and book is crucial, so don’t forget to include booking information in addition to your phone number, email, and business website.
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Put Some Shine In Your Design

Designing your own business cards might seem like a scary task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a handful of tricks you can use to make the process fun!

#1 Keep Things Simple

When designing your business card, it’s easy to overdo it. Instead of brainstorming up everything you can think of to include, simply let your clients know who you are, what you do, and how they can book with you.

#2 Flex Your Creative Side

Remember to be yourself and let a little of your creative side shine through. Your card should give prospective clients a glimpse into who you are, so you want your personality represented. 

Pro tip: When picking out your colors, images, and font, make sure it matches the vibe of your barbershop. 

#3 Make It Easy to Read

This is a big one. If your clients can’t read the information, they won’t be able to contact you or book with you. So remember: While you want a little of your own flair represented on the card, don’t forget to choose a font that’s easy to read.

#4 Make It Multifunctional

Our final pro tip for your barber business cards? Give them more than one purpose! This could be a QR code that takes clients right to your booking page, or you could include a discount code for first-time clients. 

Free Barber Business Card Templates

With the above design tips for your business cards, you’re on your way to creating your own! To help you get the ball rolling, here are four downloadable templates to inspire your unique design. 

Customize Dark Gradient Template
Customize Minimal Template
Customize Retro Template
Customize Simple Template