When your business relies on developing a relationship with your clients, something as simple as a thank-you note can mean a lot.

Even though you’re the one providing the service to the client, thanking them for their patronage makes them feel respected and appreciated and can lead to a more loyal customer. Also, if your business is one that requires a follow-up or regular visits, a thank-you note is the best way to get the information in their hands post-visit.

It sounds like a lot of work to send out a “Thank You” after every visit though, right? That’s where we come in. With our Automated Marketing “thank you” email feature, you pick a few settings, and we’ll take the rest off your plate.

Let’s walk you through how to set it up and best practices.

Get Thank-You Notes Automated

  1. In your Schedulicity account, you’ll need to enable the Automated Marketing add-on.
  2. Head into your Marketing tab and click the Email Marketing tile.
  3. Under the Thank You tab, click the Message Settings button
  4. This is where you’ll customize your message. We suggest using a “thank you” header design, and then writing a heart-felt thank you (examples below).
  5. Once you hit save, you need to turn the messages on by clicking Run. Here you also have the option to only send the thank you message to first-time customers. 

Your customers will receive their Thank You note in their inbox 24 hours after their visit. You can always come back to this section and see the performance rate of the messages.

What to Write in Your Thank-You Note

Thank You (duh!)

Show your appreciation for choosing your business.

Thank you for coming in to see us at Fringe Salon! It’s always our pleasure to serve your hair needs, and we truly feel we have the best clientele.

Follow-Up Instructions

This is a great opportunity to include any post-visit recommendations, e.g. how to preserve the color in their newly-dyed hair, stretching recommendations after a fitness class, how to keep their pet’s hair clean until the next visit…

We hope you’re loving your new tattoo! We recommend you wash the tattooed area twice a day with antiseptic soap and then softly apply an unscented lotion. You will seem some scabbing, but that’s very normal. Don’t pick at it!

Book Your Next Visit

Instead of taking the time at the end of their visit to get them on the books for next time, tell them to check their email tomorrow and see when they can get on your books next.

It’s best to get your pet groomed every 3-4 months, so use the Schedule Now button below to get your next visit on the books. (We are usually booked out two months, so it’s best to get on there now!)

Once you “set and forget” your thank-you messages, we’ll remind you weekly of how they’re performing for you. We’ll send you an email with information like how many of each email type we’ve sent on your behalf, as well as the number of bookings generated from those emails.

The best thing about this feature is that it’s responsive to your schedule. Other schedulers and email software are separate – with Schedulicity, a client visits and they’re automatically triggered to get an email. No back and forth between software which means way less time for you.

Just make sure you are saving your clients’ email addresses in their client profile so they can receive the notes!