Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday. Many people wake up and rush straight to social media to see how many birthday wishes they have accumulated.

When you use Schedulicity’s automated birthday messages, you add to their excitement and make them feel remembered by their favorite business (you!). And it’s all a part of the Automated Marketing package full of other automated marketing tools that take 10 minutes to set up, then build rapport and encourage bookings ($$) while you’re doing your normal work.

Why Auomated Birthday Messages Are an Email Marketing Goldmine

And the best part about offering a “birthday club” for your clients? When you offer a birthday incentive or discount, it can help you collect your client’s information. When clients book online with you, their email addresses and other contact information automatically enters your Schedulicity client list. If you have regulars that have not yet made the transition to online booking, a birthday offer can help you break the ice. Once you have their email, you can help ease them into booking online while sending them helpful reminders, marketing messages and automated greetings.

If you’re all ready to try it, head to your communications tab in your account here.

How to Personalize Your Automated Birthday Messages

Schedulicity has a variety of birthday templates ready for you to choose from. They great thing about the templates is that they give your email a polished, professional formatting while unifying the look of your messages.
It’s a great idea to personalize this message with your own special birthday greeting. You can keep your birthday wishes simple and traditional, maybe find a good toast, quote, or song lyric, or just add a few words of your own.

Birthday Gifts Ideas to Include in Your Email


Discounts are the easiest birthday gift to offer. You choose the discount you want to give them when you create the message, then when they click the Schedule Now link in the email they’ll automatically book with the attached discount.

Gift Bags

Stylists, Skin Care Professionals and Estheticians might consider curating a gift bag with a couple trial size bottles of products you sell.

Massage therapists could offer a vial of massage oil with a small print out about hand/foot/scalp massage.

Personal trainers and fitness professionals could present gifts of protein powder samples or healthy snacks, maybe a sweatband, patch, or shoelaces if your clients have been making you proud.

Special Services

  • Birthday nail art: A cupcake accent nail is a simple and charming, but here are a ton of ideas if you’d like to find inspiration: birthday nails. No one wants to paint the same birthday nail art on every single client, but a signature birthday sparkle or bow might become something specifically sought after.
  • Make up artists could try offering free birthday glitter if someone books special event make up or glam squad services.
  • Photographers might consider offering a free 10-minute birthday shoot where you provide your client with a free digital portrait with your watermark for social media. This is a great idea if you’re just starting out and want to get as many eyes as possible on your business name.
  • A birthday portrait could be a fun marketing opportunity for stylists and makeup artists. Keep a few fun props or toy crowns and tiaras on hand for optional added fun and use a special hashtag that collect all of your birthday clients.

Birthday messages go out on the first of the month to every client in your list with an email. Let Schedulicity do the busy work and make yourself the life of every party.

How to Send Automated Marketing Emails Through Schedulicity

If you haven’t already started collecting email addresses for your clients, it’s a fantastic time to start! The other features included with Automated Marketing like Time to Book and Re-engagement emails can also help you offer easy discounts to your clients. So you can decide if you’d like to offer them even more incentive than the already quick and convenient online scheduling.

When someone books online with you on Schedulicity, their email address will be added to your client list, and they will be enrolled in your automated messaging. If you want to add a birthday to a current client’s profile, do so in the client tab here.
Set it, forget it, and increase your monthly revenue.

Learn more about Automated Marketing here!

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