Nothing speaks to the importance of work-life balance like the case of a barber we work with. Until he began using Schedulicity, he never had time for a lunch break. He’d power through every day without knowing when he’d next take a break — 7pm? 8?

He started using Schedulicity for the usual reasons — mostly, he was spending too much time on the phone, which was cutting into how many appointments he could fit into a day — but it was the perk he didn’t expect that dramatically affected his life. He found that scheduling his appointments digitally meant that he got back his lunch break.

Employers and employees everywhere experience similar situations when their work and life aren’t balanced. Last year, Small Business Trends reported that 40% of workers believe it’s acceptable to answer work emails during a family dinner, 50% reported having less time for family and friends, and 60% said morale was low at work.

None of those is a stat you want to reflect you. Fortunately, one of the top benefits of appointment scheduling apps is the ability to keep your appointment books full while prioritizing your life outside work.

Pro tip: Schedulicity helps you take back your time by bundling your appointment schedule, payments, reports, and marketing together all under one roof!

Better Scheduling Equals Better Work and Life Balance

You don’t have to completely change the days and times you accept appointments to benefit from a better work-life balance. Much like our barber, you can do it with the help of an intuitive scheduling app and subtly shifting your perspective. By building a daily routine around your life and using the app to manage it, you can improve your work and life balance in several ways, including:

1. Merge your calendar and to-do list.

While appointments do take up the bulk of your time as a service provider, that’s not the only part of running your business. You have to oversee your finances, work on marketing, order supplies, and so much more. But it can be hard to make time for those tasks if they’re not part of your regular routine.

With a scheduling app, you can turn that list into a calendar, taking the stress and fatigue out of doing things as they come up. With every task assigned to a certain time slot, it’s much easier to check everything off your to-do list within a reasonable time frame.

2. Automate scheduling to avoid human errors.

If you’ve ever double-booked clients or scheduled an appointment on a day you were supposed to be off, you know the impact a simple mistake can have. You probably had to comp one of the double-booked clients or give up your day off to rectify your scheduling mistake.

A good scheduling app gives you the option to automate your scheduling management system to book appointments only during available time slots. It should also help you cut down on the number of steps between booking and getting paid and protect you against recurring no-shows with both automated text reminders and optional blacklists. 

(BTW, while we think automation solves most problems, there’s no need to worry about losing your grip on your calendar: You’ll still have complete control over your schedule, policies, and preferences.)

Pro tip: Not only does Schedulicity have an integrated payment processing tool for clients to pay for their appointments at the time of booking, we also offer a completely contactless self-checkout option called Norm, so your clients can pay from the privacy of their own phone.

3. Keep business and personal contacts separate.

With most of today’s smartphones, you have at least some limited ability to manage your schedule. You can even access your business contacts along with your personal contacts — but in a lot of cases, that isn’t really as convenient as it sounds.

Our CX team talks to a lot of new customers who find that they can’t easily import their client contact list into their accounts because those numbers are in the same place as their moms, babysitters, ex-Tinder-date, you name it.

Once we help them divide up their lists, we often hear things like, “I feel like I can breathe again.” Suddenly clients live over there in the Schedulicity client app, and your phone starts to function the way it does for many non-service-based people — as a tool for personal communication. 

Regardless of whether you use a scheduling app or not, you should take the time to separate professional and personal contacts by storing them separately. This will help you avoid accidentally sending clients messages meant for personal contacts or having your phone interrupt your personal time with business reminders.

You can keep your work and life balanced without risking lost contacts on either side.

4. Optimize your most productive times.

Having control over your own schedule is a huge advantage of running your own business. For example, maybe you’re a night owl who is most productive in the evening hours. The benefits of scheduling your day on an app include being able to plan around your most productive hours.

If you do feel inclined to change the hours you do business, your scheduling app will help you do it almost seamlessly. You can see how any change will impact the rest of your schedule and your clients’ schedules. You’ll also be able to see which tasks of your own you’ll need to move to ensure you keep your work-life balance intact.

The importance of work-life balance makes the benefits of scheduling apps all the more impactful. Get more done with less stress and more time for life outside work, all by building a daily routine that you can flexibly manage online. To learn more about the benefits of the Schedulicity app, read more about Schedulicity’s features or contact us today.