“How can I support my stylist?” “How do I help my yoga studio during quarantine?” “These are my people—what can I do?” 

These are the type of questions our Support team has been fielding over the last few weeks from clients everywhere. They’re writing to us because they’re worried about their favorite local businesses, and they want to help any way they can.

As we talked about what else we could do to help our businesses during this crisis, it was those emails and phone calls that inspired us to build a brand new feature: Tip Jar. Today, it’s live.

What Is Tip Jar? And Why Did We Create It?

The idea came from stories we were hearing across industries. We’d read about how New Yorkers had started “tipping” their favorite bartenders when they made themselves a cocktail or poured a glass of wine at home. Then we heard about people who were sending what they’d normally pay in date-night gratuity to their favorite restaurants’ relief funds.

The stories kept coming. A friend who still pays his barber for his monthly fade even though his girlfriend is buzzing his hair in their apartment bathroom. The colleague who pays her house cleaner to “stay on her roster” for when work resumes. Happy hour Zoom fundraisers for local bars and pizza parlors.

Somewhere in there, we realized that we needed to give people a way to digitally tip all of their favorite stylists, fitness studios, and service-based businesses, too. We thought: What if they could do it straight from the accounts they normally use to book with you? And so, we built a digital “tip jar” right into your account.

How Does It Work?

Tip Jar allows consumers everywhere to support you with contributions until they can get back to booking with you. Whether they decide to tip you each time they’d normally have an appointment or send you a larger lump sum (up to $200 per transaction), they can now help out with the click of a “Contribute” button.

In action, it looks like this: 

The Tip Jar banner displays at the top of your business listing.
When clients click “Contribute”, they’ll have the option to add $1 to their total to offset any payment processing fees.
Submitting payment is super simple for them. Behind the scenes, you’ll have access to clear reports to track the support as it comes in.

How to Set Up Tip Jar for Your Business

To use Tip Jar for your business, all you need is a payment processor connected to your account. If you already have that turned on, the Tip Jar banner is now live on your business listing. If not, we highly recommend you get connected (here’s a Support article that covers all the details on getting set up), so you can benefit from what’s next. In a few days, we’re going to send out an email to the millions of consumers on our platform to let them know that they have a new way to support their favorite local spots.

If you feel comfortable with it, you can let your clients know that there’s now a simple way for them to help. If you need help with what to say, we wrote an email template to get you started. New clients, family, and friends can also donate through your profile — they’ll just need to set up a free Schedulicity account.

What If I Don’t Want to Use It?

While most of our businesses have been financially affected by the pandemic, we understand that not everyone is in need of support right now. If you’d prefer not to include the Tip Jar banner on your profile, it’s easy to turn it off. To do that, go to your account > Marketing Tab > Business Listing > Uncheck the box “Display We Care banner on business listing”. For more details, head to that Support article we mentioned earlier.

Every Business Can Benefit From Tip Jar

If you’re not a Schedulicity business yet, try us. We’ve waived all our fees until July 1, 2020, so you can use our features like Tip Jar as well as all of our automated marketing, booking tools, and more without adding any extra expenses to your plate. Please share the news with any business you think could benefit from receiving some extra support.

We want to help you all support and protect your businesses during some of the hardest times any of us have ever faced. Tip Jar is one more way to do just that.