Some of us may be starting to party again like it’s 1999, but that doesn’t mean we have to pay for our new haircut like it’s 1999.

Believe it or not, 2020 is behind us, and how we interact with the world is different now. 

We’re all comfy reading restaurant menus using QR codes on our phones. We’re all used to ordering more and more stuff online (maybe too much stuff?!) And we’re all pros now at paying for our wants and needs — our groceries, our lunch, even our haircuts and massages — in a more hands-free kind of way.

With the credit card world going contactless and moving more toward mobile payments, those clunky credit card readers are no longer a necessity. Like the answering machine or beepers on our belt loops, credit card machines are going the way of the dodo bird, too.

To help turn you toward the future, we’ve not only put together a list of seven reasons why you should ditch your payment device, we’re also giving you the scoop on a brand new device-free solution, so you can start accepting payments from your clients by phone instead.

7 Reasons to Ditch Your Card Reader and Go Contactless

1. No More Buggy Devices or Bad Hardware

We’ve all had the experience of standing at the register, groceries all bagged, ready to get home. And then, when it comes time to pay —wouldn’t you know it! — there’s something funky going on with the card reader that’s not allowing your credit card to go through.

Taking the payment device out of the equation and having clients pay directly on their phone eliminates any silly hardware malfunction that could potentially put a wrench in your day and the client’s.

2. More Environmentally Friendly

While there’s plenty of info out there to help businesses recycle their old card readers, there’s no doubt that credit card devices are another unnecessary hunk of plastic to fill our landfills. 

Plus, depending on the type of device you’re using, there’s potential for data breaches if the devices aren’t disposed of properly

3. Forget About Software Upgrades or Buying a New Device 

It seems like everything needs an update or upgrade these days, and there’s always something new to buy. 

With old-school credit card devices, there are software upgrades and newer versions to keep up with, meaning you have to purchase a new device or replace your device if it breaks. That’s a hassle for you and, more importantly, it’s an additional cost for you and your business.

Switching to mobile payments or going completely device-free keep things simple: no device to purchase and no worries about devices breaking.


Introducing Norm, pay-by-phone checkout for every size of business. Find out how using Norm can increase tips, speed up payment, and free you from unreliable card readers — all at one low rate.

4. Speed and Convenience

That frustrating grocery store experience above brings up another huge piece of going device-free for payments: speed and convenience.

Even if you’re using a mobile credit card reader on your phone or tablet, you know pairing a bluetooth device can sometimes be slow and tedious — which is not the experience you want for your clients.

With device-free payment, your clients can pay right from their own phone, meaning you no longer have to hand over your device to have them add a tip or sign. 

5. No Touch

Why worry about devices exchanging hands or people signing with their fingers when you don’t have to? With a 100% contactless option — like Schedulicity’s Norm — clients can handle paying and tipping right from their own phone. 

6. Clients Can Pay from Wherever They Are

Going device-free opens the door to remote payments as well, so your clients can pay you from wherever they are.

For example, why not let parents pay for their kid’s haircut from the car? Or why not let clients pay from home by texting them a link to pay? You could even let your client pay right from the salon chair while their color sets.

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7. Increased Tipping

Going contactless gets rid of that awkward “would you like to add a tip?” conversation that some card readers require. Plus, with Schedulicity’s contactless option, Norm, you don’t have to ruin someone’s post-spa day zen by making them mentally calculate a tip or fish for their credit card on their way out the door.

The Future of Contactless Payment

Ready to join the future and start accepting contactless payments on your phone? Well, let me introduce you to Norm

Norm is Schedulicity’s brand new contactless way to accept payment for services or classes. With Norm, clients can pay and tip right from their own phone. So you can forget about devices and your clients can forget about wallets!

And get this: Norm is also going to save you money by putting those steep card-not-present in the past! With Norm, there’s only one rate — 2.5% + 10¢ — for all transactions. 

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