As a small business owner, of course, you want to keep clients happy in order to retain them, but what happens if you have to make a decision that you don’t think your client will love?

My beautiful friends, now is the time to start paying attention to what the future of your business will look like. I find so many stylists (myself included at one time) will apologize for the things that make their businesses thrive. You don’t have to. Yes, you are there to serve your guests at the highest level, but don’t sell yourself short in the process. 

I truly believe 2021 is the year for stylists and owners to regain power in their businesses. It’s time to set a new standard and never look back. 2020 was quite a year. I’m sure you’re ready to leave it behind as you turn over a new leaf and create the path that you want your business to be on moving forward.  

When faced with tough decisions, your business always comes first; here are five things you should never apologize for when it comes to your business:

1. Raising Prices 

If it has been more than a year and a half since your last price increase, and you are booking out three or four weeks in advance, it’s time, my friend. Do it. Raising your prices can feel nerve-wracking, but especially with the cost of inflation, you have to hit your goals. 

2. Creating Boundaries

You’re allowed to have boundaries and a consistent work schedule that allows you to also have time for yourself. Saying no to a client because you have plans to watch your child play in their soccer game is one of them. It is so important (and healthy!)  to set boundaries when it comes to scheduling. Remember, you can only show up at 100% for your guest when you are taking care of yourself. 

3. Saying No 

This one is always so hard for us in a service-based business because we want to please. But saying no to things that no longer serve you or make you happy is totally okay. It’s actually better than okay.  Similar to setting boundaries, it’s healthy and important for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your business.

4. Taking a Day Off

If you need a day off to reset and recharge, take it. Taking care of yourself comes first, and it looks different for everyone. It could mean you sit and veg out, read a book, or hang with your kiddos. Sometimes, you just need a day to scroll social media and spend time with yourself, and it’s important to recognize when you need that.

5. Taking Care of Yourself 

When was the last time you took some time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself? You take care of others on a daily basis, but you are just as important. My suggestion would be to carve out at least 15-20 minutes a day just for you.

The morning is great if you are an early bird like me. Maybe you can take a walk or just listen to music, catch up on your favorite book, or make a green smoothie. You might even (try to) meditate. I personally use the app called Simple Habit, and it was a game-changer when I was having the hardest time meditating on my own. 


You should never apologize for raising prices, setting boundaries, taking care of yourself, and making the tough decisions for you and the future of your business. Running a service-based business is very demanding on your body, mind, and spirit. You deserve a life outside of your business. You deserve to get paid well. Both of these elements will keep your business successful — and keep you from burnout.