Suffice to say, the days of just popping up a “quick pic” on social media to attract new guests are long gone. 

But even as Instagram and Facebook have become more complicated, they are still all about creating authentic engagement — which means one of the best ways for you to attract more clients is to use them. If clients engage with you regularly and often, they’re that much more likely to click that “Book Now” button or to forward something you post to a potential new guest.

That’s why social media is the ideal place to show up as yourself and share content that relates to your target audience. Here are three quick ideas for how to create more engagement on your social channels.  

Run a Giveaway

What can I say? People really love to win free stuff. I find that a “like, tag, and share” giveaway usually works best. Here’s how to keep it easy: 

  • Choose what the giveaway items will be. A basket of products? A complimentary service? A free session? Keep the value between $100 and $200 if you are giving away a basket of products and $50-$75 if you’re giving away a service. 
  • Plan a beautiful, eye-catching, on-brand photo to use for the giveaway. You want to create as much buzz as possible. 
  • Be very clear on how to enter. Example: “To enter, like this photo, follow my page, and tag two friends in the comments. Winner will be announced on June 1.” 
  • If you want to run a giveaway on Facebook, you can ask them to share the post as well. This will allow this giveaway to show up on so many Facebook pages and, ultimately, create more new clients.

Run a Selfie Contest

These are just the best. If you are in the beauty business, have your clients take a beautiful selfie after they get their hair done, a facial, or even their makeup for the night. Set up a timeframe for how long the contest runs (I typically go with one month), offer a prize similar to the ones I mentioned for giveaways, and be sure you have them tag you. At the end of this contest, you can announce the winner on your story or on your page.

Pose Questions

It could be a this-or-that question (e.g. Do you like this blonde hair color or this blonde?) or a “would you ever” (e.g. Would you ever cut your hair like this gorgeous pixie cut?). Keep it on brand, but make it fun.  I have found my question posts always receive a ton of engagement, and most importantly, continue to engage. When a person responds to your question, be sure to comment and banter back and forth. Show your personality with every comment and post, and watch your audience grow (and your clientele start to grow as well). 

Most of All: Be Yourself

Social media is all about making connections. The way you attract the clients you want to spend time with is by showing up as your true self. You attract who you are, so being yourself is really the key to finding the  right guests for your business.