One of the savviest things you can do for your business is sync payment processing with your online scheduling.

It streamlines the booking process for you and your clients, and — maybe even better — it allows you to monitor the most important aspects of your business in one place. 

We have our own built-in payment processor that includes payment-by-text with Norm.

If you haven’t tried payments with us — or if you’ve only used it for keeping cards on file (more on that in a minute) — here are a few perks of using our built-in payment processing. Bet you haven’t thought about #9 before…

The Biggest Perks of Using Schedulicity’s Built-In Payment Processor

1. Automated Billing 

Auto Billing is one of our most beloved features. The premise is simple: Clients enroll in auto-billing for whatever service or class they book regularly, then we automatically charge their card at the same time each month. If a card fails, we also automatically contact the client to help them update their information and complete the payment. Auto Billing comes with built-in reporting, too, which brings us to…

2. Reporting 

We’re always surprised by how few people know that using our payment processing means you get access to detailed reports, which give you a clearer picture of your various revenue streams. Our Auto Billing report will give you your estimated monthly revenue from recurring charges as well as a list of who’s currently enrolled. In addition to that, our financial partner Clearent offers various “deep dive” reports with your account. 

3. Cards on File 

Simplify your life by keeping client cards on file. By getting your clients set up, you can offer them 100% contactless transactions.

Pro Tip: Norm is Schedulicity’s completely contactless payment option, allowing you to send a text message to your clients at checkout, so they can pay and tip from the privacy of their own phone!

4. No-Shows

No-shows are always annoying, and the last thing you want is to lose income on them. By setting up a no-show fee, Schedulicity will automatically charge the card of anyone who books with you and doesn’t cancel within your policy window. 

5. Human Interaction

We have an incredible Support team on hand to answer any questions about Schedulicity, but here’s a hot tip: We’ve also got a dedicated payment support team. As in a bunch of cool people with financial chops ready to answer any questions you have.

Receive notification about a chargeback? Or not sure whether you’re setting up your discount correctly? The payment team is here to help. 

6. No Card Reader Needed

If you’ve worked with any other payment processing companies, chances are you’ve had to buy or lease a card reader. But with Schedulicity’s payment processing, there are NO card readers needed. Your clients can pay from the privacy of their own phone using Norm — our modern pay-by-text option. Or, of course, you can set things up so your clients can pay when they book their appointment.

7. Less $$$

Because we specialize in service-based businesses, we know how small the profit margins can feel and are. So, we launched our own payment processor with one goal in mind: To offer the lowest fees in the industry. And we do! 

Rates are 2.5% + 15¢ per transaction for all types of transactions, including online payments, deposits, cards on file transactions, and text payments with Norm.

9. Build Financial Clout

Because we’re a smaller company, we really take the time to work with you on the payment processing application process. That means that if you’re just starting with your career, we’ll work with you to get you approved and set up. Using a payment processor like Schedulicity’s also builds your financial reputation over time, which means you’ll have a potentially easier time obtaining small business loans down the line, among other perks. 

10. Available Next-Day Funding

Sometimes you just need your money (honey).

With Schedulicity’s built-in payment processing, next-day funding is available, so there’s no wondering when your funds will arrive.

11. No Contracts or Weird “Oh, It’s an AmEx??” Fee

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re based in Montana, but we all prefer straight talk.

So, you can use Schedulicity’s payment processing without a contract or any charges for different card types or other hidden fees — full stop. 

If you’re curious to learn more about processing payments with Schedulicity, we have a whole tutorial series on it right here, an FAQ article here, or just contact our support team today!