B3NTL3Y x Schedulicity
B3NTL3Y posing with metallic gold piping on their face and neck

Authenticity & Acceptance

In this free 15-minute class, learn from House of B3 founder, B3NTL3Y, about:

  • How being your truest self actually benefits your business
  • How to make clients and co-workers feel seen, safe, and inspired
  • How to flex your creativity and push boundaries to get to the next level of business

About B3NTL3Y

B3NTL3Y is everything:

  • Scissor icon

    A hair stylist
  • Light bulb icon

    A creative director
  • Walking icon

    A model
  • Person icon

    A being trying to exist in creative realms

With contagious, effervescent energy, B3NTL3Y challenges the hair and beauty community to join them in living authentically.

They draw inspiration in their art from their own journey of self-discovery as a Black nonbinary queer son of immigrant parents.

With equal parts charisma and care, B3NTL3Y effortlessly helps others feel seen, heard, and inspired to be the best version of themselves.

  • B3NTL3Y wearing a faux fur hat

  • B3NTL3Y wearing an allover flower and fire tufted outfit

  • B3NTL3Y posing with a dye brush

About Schedulicity

Hey there! Weโ€™re Schedulicity, an online booking app for the hair and beauty industry.

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