What would you do if you had an extra $5000 to help your business grow? No, we’re not kidding.

So take a moment and ask yourself: How could a small business grant take your business to the next level?

Would you expand your salon? Invest in credentials and trainings? Grow your team?

Regardless of how you want to spend that $5000, we want to help. Schedulicity works with small businesses—from hair salons to fitness studios to tattoo artists—everyday to make sure they can scale successfully through automated appointment scheduling, small business advice, and payment processing (plus a few other features coming soon). But we know that more often than not, the biggest concern you have is your budget.

To provide more opportunity to our small business community, we’ve created a small business grant program called #SchedulicityCares.

We’re now awarding $5,000 to two active Schedulicity businesses each month—in any industry.

At Schedulicity, our mission is to help our business owners become successful entrepreneurs. We believe small businesses are an integral part of our local communities, both economically and culturally.

We understand it’s hard to start or grow your small business, and sometimes the difference between struggling every week and taking your business to the next level frankly comes down to money. Getting investors for your small business can be a challenge, and the cost to cover more ground can simply be too high.

We created this program to help our motivated businesses take that next step—whatever that step may be.

What It Is

A $5,000 grant, awarded to two small businesses per month. The only requirements: that you’re a current Schedulicity customer and that you enter. Speaking of…

How to Enter the #SchedulicityCares Small Business Grant

To enter to win a #SchedulicityCares small business grant:

  1. Post a video on Instagram with the hashtag #SchedulicityCares, explaining how you would use the money.
  2. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to repost your entry so we can see the community you’ve built.

Whether it’s adding a chair in your salon, investing in education or tools, or providing benefits to your staff, we want to hear from you on how the money can help elevate your small business to a new level of success.

Every month, we’ll be choosing two passionate businesses from the pool of entries to receive $5,000 towards their business. So get your entries in before the end of every month to be considered!

Disclaimer: All submissions are subject to be included in marketing materials.

Check out Schedulicity’s Founder and CEO, Jerry Nettuno announcing the #SchedulicityCares program on Instagram.

Our First #SchedulicityCares Small Business Grant Winner

We gave the first #SchedulicityCares grant to Amanda Lyberger of The Hairy Godmotherr in New Orleans, by surprising her at the Presley Poe & Friends event in Frederick, Maryland, earlier this month. Here’s what she had to say about Schedulicity:

“Before I got Schedulicity, I would wake up with 50+ messages on various social media platforms about booking appointments. After a year of running my own suite, I genuinely considered giving up and going to work for a salon with a receptionist because the hours of correspondence on top of my normal work hours were wearing me very thin. Schedulicity saved my business and my sanity. Now, it’s been three years with virtually no bumps in the road, and they’re providing me with a massive opportunity for growth in my life again. With the $5,000 Schedulicity Cares grant, I’ll be able to seamlessly move from my hometown to the city I love and create the salon of my dreams. I cannot thank Schedulicity enough, from all my years in the hair industry I have never worked with a company that actually cares about people like they do.”

Good luck and get to posting! Can’t wait to hear from you and your business.

You can read the terms and conditions here.