Instagram is a fantastic resource for marketing your service business, whether you’re a salon, fitness trainer, or dog walker.

You can display your portfolio on Instagram with high-quality pictures or show off happy clients—and optimize your posts with hashtags to find new customers.

But… ever wonder how to add one of those handy Book buttons to your Instagram account?

Chances are, you’d love to add a Book button to your own feed, so clients could book on Instagram instantly.

A basic rule of service businesses is to make booking appointments as easy as humanly possible.

The process should be seamless. Clients should find you wherever they are online and book with you right away.

That’s why Book buttons are essential (spoiler alert: Schedulicity offers one) — and why we’re here to help you add a Book button to your Instagram today.

In this article:

Instagram Book Now Buttons: How Do You Add Them?

If you’re using Schedulicity’s online scheduling software, we created a super-easy process for adding a Book Now button to your Instagram account. Just skip ahead to the next section.

For the rest of us, here’s a quick explainer on how to add a button to your Instagram:

Step 1: Get a Business Account

You’re going to need an Instagram business account if you don’t have one already.

This is a win-win because you get access to more metrics (essential if you’re working on growing your following), and you’ll be able to add one of three Instagram buttons to your account.

Step 2: Pick Your Button

Instagram currently offers three button options:

But here’s the thing: To use these, you’ll need to go through a third-party provider — or what Instagram calls a “partner.”

Like us!

Step 3: Pick Your Booking Platform

Some platforms offer Instagram button integration, while others do not.

We like to think the best online scheduling apps — cough, cough — should make adding a Book button to Instagram a snap.

(If you’re curious, here’s a breakdown of some of the best online scheduling apps to help you weigh options, or you can sign up for Schedulicity to see it firsthand.)

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Here’s an (always-growing) list of scheduling platforms, reservation apps, and ticket booking platforms that offer Instagram buttons:

Partner Apps that Offer Instagram Buttons

How to Add a Book Button to Instagram

1. Get on a Scheduling Platform

You will need one from the list above to use Instagram’s Book feature.

If you’re ready to add a Book Now button to your Instagram but don’t have an appointment scheduling app that offers this feature, we’re here for you.

Enter: Booking on Instagram with Schedulicity.

You can easily add a “Book” button to your Instagram business profile by linking it with your Schedulicity account, letting clients make appointments without ever leaving Instagram.

If you’ve never used Schedulicity before, you can try all our tools (including the Instagram book button) for free before deciding to go Unlimited.

Learn more about our online scheduling features right here or, if you’re ready to give us a go, sign up today.

2. Add the “Book” Button to your Instagram Account with Schedulicity

  1. Log into Instagram and go to your Profile page.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Select Contact Options.
  4. Click on Add an action button.
  5. Tap the Book Now option.
  6. Select Schedulicity from the list.
  7. You’ll then log in to your Schedulicity account.
  8. Confirm your settings by clicking Continue.

And just like that — you’re open for business on IG!

Remember: Your Instagram account must be a business account. If you need help setting up your Instagram business account, read A Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Small Business on Instagram.

3. Tell Your Clients About Your New Appointment Booking Option!

In your next few Instagram posts, add something like: Great news! You can now book appointments on Instagram. Click the “Book” button in our profile!

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